(Rental)-Motion & Quick Hitter Offense Against A Man Or Zone Defense

  • (Rental)-Motion & Quick Hitter Offense Against A Man Or Zone Defense
  • Motion & Quick Hitter Offense Against A Man Or Zone Defense by Mark Few Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Mark Few: Motion and Quick Hitter Offenses Against a Man or Zone Defense

    Instead of installing a huge number of set plays do what Gonzaga head coach Mark Few does – use a basic continuity set that can be used against man or zone to generate ball and player movement and produce scoring opportunities. That is exactly what Coach Few presents in this video. The 2017 AP and Naismith Coach of the Year, Few has guided Gonzaga to 19 straight trips to the NCAA tournament. With over 500 wins to his credit, Few will demonstrate his Bulldog and Loop sets as well as how to deal with different defensive tactics. He also shares some breakdown drills for teaching the rules and reads for ball screens used in these sets.

    Bulldog Action

    There are times when it is difficult to determine whether a defense is in man or zone. Bulldog helps you identify what an opponent is up to all the while attacking the defense with a side ball screen continuity that generates a lot of movement.

    Coach Few shows three additional sets you can use within Bulldog Action. These can be used to isolate certain players and give them different scoring options. Bulldog Shooter features extra stagger and single-double screens to free up players as the side ball screen occurs. Bulldog Action can help you locate a defense’s weakness and take advantage of it in a number of ways.

    Loop Action

    Loop is another set play that can be run against man or zone. Defenders are run through multiple screens before being hit with the middle pick and roll. Loop is a great complement to Bulldog and Coach Few shows you a couple of tweaks to make it even more effective. He will show you how to get your best shooters more shots and how to make your non-shooters more effective. Loop Action is also effective when used in transition as you will see.

    Bulldog & Loop Actions vs Zone Defense

    Coach Few demonstrates Bulldog and Loop against the 2-3 and 1-3-1 zone defenses. He points out how defenses will react and how you can make adjustments to beat them. You will see how to use more post screens against the 1-3-1, which limits the effectiveness of ball screens. One of the biggest takeaways is how Few’s teams use the same actions against both man and zone defenses.

    Breakdown Drills

    Coach Few presents three different 3-on-3 drills that he uses on a daily basis to teach his players how to read defenses and prepare for upcoming opponents. You will see how he tweaks these drills based upon a certain opponent’s scouting report.

    Q&A Session

    As an added bonus, there is a question and answer session in this video where Coach Few invites the audience to ask him questions about his offense and the Gonzaga program. This video is packed full with quality information from one of the game’s best coaches.

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