(Rental)-Modernized Pack Line Defense & The 2-3 Zone

  • (Rental)-Modernized Pack Line Defense & The 2-3 Zone
  • Modernized Pack Line Defense & The 2-3 Zone by Greg Kampe Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Open Practice: Modernized Pack Line Defense and the 2-3 Zone

    Many would not know that Oakland University’s Greg Kampe is the third-longest tenured head coach in Division I men’s basketball. With over 500 wins, Kampe has earned the respect of his peers and he is well-known for his up-tempo style of play. It is that style that has helped form his philosophy of defense, which is what he presents in this video. He shows you how he has molded the modern Pack Line defense with a the 2-3 zone to create an ideal defense built for success.

    Building the Pack Line with Breakdown Drills

    Coach Kampe teaches the Pack Line using variations of the Shell Drill. Players learn proper positioning so that the on-ball defender is always supported by help defenders. Players are also taught how to chase shooters off down screens and how to defend screen aways or cross screens. Coach Kampe uses these three shell drill variations.

    • 4-on-4 Must Dribble Drill: Defenders must pressure the ball, force the ball to the middle and provide help as the defense is continuously bombarded by dribble penetration.
    • 4-on-3 Drill: Defenders learn to communicate as they sprint to fill gaps against an offense that has a man advantage.
    • 3-on-3 8-Pass Restriction Drill: The offense can run any action at the defense but can only pass eight times. Defenders learn how to position properly, communicate with one another, and fight through screens.

    Post Defense

    Oakland’s help defense is based upon the shooting ability of the players on the floor. Coach Kampe demonstrates two drills to work on defending the post. The 4-on-4 Post Touch Drill focuses on denying the entry pass to the post while perimeter players help based on shooting ability. The 4-on-4 Close Out Drill is an Oakland staple and is the perfect way to prepare for the most common plays an opponent will run at your defense.

    2-3 Zone Defense

    Coach Kampe teaches the responsibilities for each player in the 2-3 zone. Players are to be active and apply ball pressure at all times in Kampe’s version of the 2-3. You will see how his players are taught to “bump” defenders when the ball is on the side. He also reviews different ways to defend the high post.

    O-D-O Scrimmage

    This full-court drill is done at game speed so that players get used to making quick decisions based on a shot attempt. You will see how Oakland’s defense flows from the 2-2-1 press to the 2-3 zone based on a shot attempt. This drill, as well as the rest of the video, gives you exactly what you need to combine the Pack Line defense with the 2-3 zone.

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