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    Man-to-Man Transition Offense Plays

    Transition scoring is one of the more important factors in determining success in today’s modern basketball game. As defenses have become more complex, teams that are able to get up the floor quickly and generate quick points are the ones that gave an advantage.

    In this video, South Dakota State head coach T.J. Otzelberger presents a simple yet effective transition offense that is flexible enough to use against any defensive look. Otzelberger was the Summit League’s Coach of the Year in 2018 after the Jackrabbits won the league’s regular season championship. Using has past experience as an assistant at both Iowa and Washington, Coach Otzelberger shows you multiple transition offense sets and actions that can take your program to new heights.

    Introduction to Transition Offense Plays

    Coach Otzelberger starts with the basics of transition offense. He provides a number of ways to vary action including:

    • Kick ahead
    • Ball reversal
    • Drag screen
    • Gap drive
    • Dribble hand-off

    Another key to the transition offense is spacing, which Otzelberger stresses through the video. Proper spacing allows for easy transition into the half-court offense.

    Transition Offense Sets

    Coach Otzelberger provides a number of different looks in transition. When the transition offense breaks down, you must be able to flow into the secondary break. Otzelberger shows you the following transition sets.

    • Swing Option: Coach teaches how to attack the gap using a pick-and-roll two-man game with Spur, Crack, and Step variations.
    • Side Action: Coach shows you how to use the dribble hand-off action initiated by the point guard and three variations off of it.
    • Hit Action: This is the throw ahead over half-court. This action can go right into Step, Crack, or Spur.
    • Punch Action: This is designed to get the ball to the post.
    • Drag Ball Screen: Coach teaches the screen and roll with four variations.

    Coach Otzelberger shows you a variety of ways to adapt the transition offense to your players’ skill sets. This 56-minute video gives you the chance to gain an in-depth understanding of today’s pace and space offenses. You will find all the tips and insight you need to add more wins next season. Rent this transition offense plays DVD today.

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