(Rental)-Man To Man Offensive Concepts & Drills

  • (Rental)-Man To Man Offensive Concepts & Drills
  • Man To Man Offensive Concepts & Drills by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Kermit Davis: Man-to-Man Offensive Concepts & Drills

    If you are looking to improve your motion offense, Ole Miss head coach Kermit Davis can help. The 2019 SEC Coach of the Year, Davis shares a number of offensive concepts that has made his teams successful. He also provides the drills used to enhance these concepts. Before arriving at Ole Miss, Davis was the head coach at Middle Tennessee State where he led his teams to six conference championships in eight years. He can help you build an offensive system from the ground up in this special on-court presentation.

    Skill Development

    Coach Davis presents a variety of drills that help establish the offensive concepts used in games. In a half-court setting, you will see drills that work on the following skills:

    • Screening
    • Spacing and filling spots
    • Passing off the dribble with either hand
    • Pull back dribble and finish
    • Post entry

    Pull Back Dribble Drill

    To defeat the trap, players must be able to recognize it and then not dribble into it. The Pull Back Dribble Drill teaches players the proper technique and how to create space. This drill prepares players for game situations and it eventually progresses into finishing at the rim and finishing with the jump shot.

    Fast Break

    Scoring in transition can lead to victories and Davis emphasizes that. He explains the break and walks through the responsibilities of each position. You will see how to pinch screen in transition and why it is so effective on the fast break. Davis also demonstrates movement off the ball and various screens that can be used.

    Actions on Offense

    The offense used by Coach Davis is a motion action offense. It relies on reading the ball and the defense while maintaining good space. The actions you will see demonstrated include:

    • Pistols: This is run on the break. The key is the first player getting to the pro channel as fast as possible. Flare screens, pinch the post, and pin downs are included here.
    • Pinch Baseline: Stagger screens are used here to get a shooter open in the corner. You’ll also see the pick and pop and how to deal with teams that hedge screens.

    Winning Culture

    Coach Davis has been successful everywhere he has been because of the culture that he establishes. He shares some of that with you in this segment. The keys that he emphasizes are:

    • Process and vision
    • Don’t focus on the end result
    • Teammates must enjoy each other’s success
    • Body language

    Coaches at any level will benefit from the expertise of Coach Davis.

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