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  • Late Game Plays & Special Situations by Fran Fraschilla Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Late Game Plays Basketball DVD and Special Situations

    The best of the best basketball coaches are able to teach their players how to react and make smart decisions in late-game situations. Are you able to put your players in the best possible situation in order to make a play to win? Can you factor in all the variables and pick the right play at the right time? If you prepare correctly for these types of situations, your team has a much better chance of being successful.

    Former NCAA Division I head coach Fran Fraschilla has studied the game for years and now has the unique vantage point of doing so as an analyst for ESPN. In this late game plays basketball video, Coach Fraschilla shares his experience in dealing with the game’s most intense situations. You will learn strategies for dealing with special situations, baseline inbound plays, sideline inbound plays and more.

    Baseline Inbound

    Coach Fraschilla shows you the “P Set” which gives your players multiple scoring options by reading the defense. P Set is a baseline inbound play that gives you an opportunity to score no matter what the defense does. Fraschilla includes five variations for the play adding counters and options versus zone and trapping defenses.

    Sideline Inbound

    Fraschilla shows you how to take your best half-court plays and turn them into sideline inbound plays. This allows you to use your own concepts at key times in a game. You will also see “X” which is a play that uses multiple screen actions to free up shooters. There are also four late-game plays Fraschilla shows you for getting the exact shot you need in a late-game situation.

    Half-Court Offense

    Coach Fraschilla shows you how to add more to your offense without confusing your players. He takes the Horns set and shows you five simple options. Ghost is one that opens up driving gaps and Double C will force opponents to scramble with a stagger screen. Fracschilla also shows you how to take care of opponents that try and trap the ball.

    Special Situation Philosophy

    Fraschilla also offers up his philosophy on special situations in an off-court segment. He discusses the 3 C’s of special situations and how to apply them to your practices. He mentions the five coaching traits he believes are crucial to a team’s success and he talks about planning for special situations with your coaching staff. With Coach Fraschilla’s help, you can have a plan ready to allow your team to dominate in special situations! Rent this late game plays basketball DVD today.

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