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    Inside the Pack Line Defense

    Kevin McGuff has had tremendous success over his coaching career leading turnarounds at both the University of Washington and the Ohio State University. Now the women’s basketball coach for the Buckeyes, McGuff has used the Pack Line defense to help him build program identities and winning basketball programs. He has taken his teams to 12 postseason tournaments in 14 seasons and has a career winning percentage of .700.

    Philosophy of the Pack Line Defense

    Coach McGuff begins his presentation by diving into his defensive philosophy. It’s all about what you emphasize with your players and for McGuff, it’s the Pack Line Defense. He outlines the goals of the defense, why it’s so popular and gives you the terminology used so you can teach it better.

    Coach McGuff discusses key elements such as defending the post, defending different types of screens, weakside exchanges, defending the baseline drive, and gap integrity. He also uses a 4-on-4 shell drill to demonstrate the movements and responsibilities of each player in the defense.

    Transition Defense

    Coach McGuff teaches you how to merge your philosophy of rebounding with your transition defense. Using a 5-on-0 transition drill, Coach McGuff explains the roles and responsibilities of each player. The result is getting players ahead of the ball to build a wall of defenders thus initiating the Pack Line defense.

    Individual Drills

    Coach McGuff provides five drills that emphasize key individual elements of the Pack Line defense. The drills break down these elements into actions that the players can develop. Aspects of the drills involve:

    • Closeouts
    • On-ball pressure
    • Forming the Pack Line and Building the Wall
    • Moving on the flight of the ball
    • Rebounding and toughness

    Team Defense

    You will see three progressions of the Shell Drill that Coach McGuff uses to get his players to coordinate with each other when playing team defense. You will learn how to stunt early to stop drives, recover to gaps with the ball in the air, and prevent face cuts. Also included is defending the post and denying post feeds. The Change Drill teaches players to communicate as they rotate to find matchups on defense.

    Defending Screens

    Coach McGuff teaches a number system for communicating how to defend any screen. Players have the ability to counter any offensive strategy and you will see demonstrations of how to defend all types of screens including ball screens.


    With the mindset that a possession is never over until the ball is secured, Coach McGuff shows you two variations of his favorite rebounding drill. High-Low Rebounding will develop multiple skills including shooting, rebounding, and toughness.

    If you are looking to install the Pack Line defense, Coach McGuff’s presentation is comprehensive and gives you everything you need to get started. Rent this Pack Line Defense DVD today.

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