(Rental)-Attacking The 2-3 Zone With Multiple Sets

  • How to Attack a 2-3 Zone Defense with Mark Few
  • Attacking The 2-3 Zone With Multiple Sets by Mark Few Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    How to Attack a 2-3 Zone with Mark Few

    The ability to defeat zone defenses is becoming increasingly important in modern basketball. Gonzaga head coach Mark Few uses a variety of zone actions and sets to take down teams that like to play zone. Coach Few has succeeded very well in doing so. His Bulldogs played for the 2017 national championship and Few’s teams have played in 19 straight NCAA tournaments. In this video, Coach Few teaches you how to put your team in an advantageous situation against zone defenses.

    Key Points to Attacking Zone Defense

    With the rise of the zone defense, your offensive arsenal has to have a number of zone attacks and set plays to go to at any time during a game. Coach Few shows you multiple ways to successfully attack zones and he begins by sharing his 5 Key Points to Attacking Zone Defenses:

    • Attacking the zone defense by beating it down the floor
    • Swinging the ball as quickly as possible
    • Getting the ball in the high post
    • Requiring perimeter players to have feet and hands ready
    • Pounding the offensive boards

    Zone Actions and Set Plays

    Coach Few shares some of the basic sets that Gonzaga uses to attack zone defenses. They are easy to implement and Few explains the strengths of each set. Some of the actions you will see include:

    • X Action with post players
    • Dribble drag action to get the defense off balance
    • Ghosting, or hiding your big behind the zone
    • Reversals to beat the defense with quick passing
    • Screen downs to get the defense to scramble out
    • The 13 set, which emphasizes a creative entry into the high post

    You will also see some of Coach Few’s favorite quick hitters which are sure to get your players some open looks at the basket. Few stresses the key to breaking down a zone defense – get the ball inside! Few shows you how to get the ball inside in each of the quick hitters.

    This 65-minute video from one of college basketball’s best gives you exactly what you need to build a sound and explosive offense. Take your program to the next level today. Rent this how to attack a 2-3 zone defense DVD today.

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