(Rental)-Half Court Sets With Multiple Scoring Options

  • (Rental)-Half Court Sets With Multiple Scoring Options
  • Half Court Sets With Multiple Scoring Options by Dan Majerle Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Dan Majerle: Half Court Sets with Multiple Scoring Options

    The half-court offense is an important means of scoring for teams at any level. You must be proficient in the half-court if you want to be successful. Grand Canyon University head coach Dan Majerle, a three-time NBA All-Star, teaches you four NBA pro sets – Floppy, Down, Pop, and Elbow – as well as a variety of options off of each set to give you numerous ways to score in the half-court game.

    Majerle, who played 14 seasons in the NBA, shows you how to attack the half-court defense out of transition and get into an offense that is both tough to guard and highly effective. He will also help you train your players to get to the right spot on the floor in the offense.

    Pre-Practice Segments

    Majerle likes to begin his practices with drills that focus on what he wants to work on for that day. Coach Majerle will pick and choose from 12 different drills to keep practices fresh and exciting. His marquee drill is the Create a Lead. The drill combines a lot of the actions and fundamentals that are used in his half-court offense. Create a Lead reinforces such basic concepts as:

    • Creating space
    • Using the proper pivot foot
    • How to create a hand target
    • Stepping to make a pass
    • How to free up your shooting foot’
    • Catch, turn, and face

    NBA Half-Court Sets

    Majerle then moves into the teaching of his four half-court sets. Each set has a number of options as you will see.

    Floppy Series: Run multiple sets like Weak, Strong, and Flash. Coach Majerle also presents the options that include post flashes, back-door cuts, dribble hand-offs, and lobs.

    Down Series: Majerle teaches the Two Down and Three Down within the series. You will see how to get flex cuts with the offense, how to run Reverse and Snap to counter defenses that cheat, and how to incorporate flare screens in the offense.

    Pop Series: This series allows you to get your point guard or 4 a specific look within the offense. Pop uses slip screens, pin downs and double screens to get players open. Coach Majerle also shows you Four Pop Fist which gets you pick and roll action in the offense.

    Elbow Series: You will see how to use the traditional 1-4 High set to create mismatches for your offense. Coach Majerle again shows you a number of variations to create multiple looks. Elbow Clear is used when your post player is quicker than the opponent’s. Elbow Get uses pick and roll action with your bigs and you will also see how to use curl and double screens to get your players open looks.

    Coach Majerle’s 64-minute video is full of plays run at the highest levels of basketball. They are all adaptable to your level and will keep defenses constantly on their toes.

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