(Rental)-Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program

  • (Rental)-Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program
  • Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program by Daniel Roose Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The Havoc Strength & Conditioning Program

    The strength and conditioning of your players is critical to your team’s success during the season. Daniel Roose, strength and conditioning coach for men’s basketball at the University of Texas, takes you through a workout that prepares players to create havoc from the opening tip to the final buzzer.

    Roose is a nationally certified strength and conditioning coach who worked with Texas head coach Shaka Smart at Virginia Commonwealth University and moved to Texas with him. He begins his presentation by explaining that incoming players must learn the basics of strength training before they move into a workout similar to the one Roose shares.

    Dynamic Warmup

    The session begins with six dynamic warm-up phases to get blood flowing to the muscles and to increase the heart rate. With the six phases, you will see three general warm-ups to prepare the body for any workout and then three basketball-specific warm-ups. These serve to help players learn to control their body working on game-like movements.

    5 Basic Movements for Strength & Conditioning

    Coach Roose then teaches the five basic training movements: squat, hinge, push, pull, and loaded carry. Four examples of each movement are provided. They are easy to replicate and coaches can choose which exercises to use based on players’ needs.

    Litvinov Method

    Roose uses the Litvinov Method to increase heart rate and condition players. It is somewhat non-conventional but helps players stay conditioned and not feel so beat up during the season. The Litvinov Method has a player perform a heavy lift from the basic movement section followed by a fast and explosive exercise. In addition, Coach Roose includes a metabolic workout and shows you how he uses it in-season and in the offseason.

    Teams at VCU and Texas have been some of the best defenses in the country in recent years and there is no question that some of it is related to the work Coach Roose has done. His workout is very well developed and can be used with athletes that have knowledge of the basic lifts. Use Coach Roose’s program to wreak havoc on opponents all season long! Rent this Strength and Conditioning DVD today.

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