(Rental)-Geno Auriemma's Complete Defensive System

  • (Rental)-Geno Auriemma's Complete Defensive System
  • Geno Auriemma's Complete Defensive System by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    there Are Six Days And You Have To Prepare Your Team To Play Aggressive, Formidable Defense Then How Are You Supposed To Do That? Well, In This Video, You Will Learn This How To Do That With The Help Of The Most Successful Coach Of Women’s Basketball.

    you Will Learn The Art Of Achieving A Tough And Formidable Defense. The Coach Auriemma Presents A Clear Philosophy To Apply And How Can The Player Learn The Defensive Principles In The Right Way To Block The Attacks Of The Opposition Team.

    there Are Three Basic Goals For Every Game That The Coach Has Outlined For The Players. You Will Learn How To Plan Your Practice And Break Down Defensive Skills In Different Stations That Will Help Your Players Improve Their Game In Every Minute Of The Practice.

    the Defensive Philosophy

    ball Pressure Is The Starting Point Of Defensive Approach. In Order To Take The Offensive Game Out Of Comfort Zone Of The Opposition Players The Coach Uses The Ball Pressure Method. This Method Forces Them To Make More Mistakes And It Gives More Turnovers And Bad Shoots.

    the Coach Also Pays Huge Attention To The Most Important Areas Of The Court And Enable Players To Defend In The Best Possible Way.

    third, There Are Three Main Points Which Are Laid Done By The Coach Auriemma. First Is Elimination Transition Baskets, Elimination Three Point Shots And Not Fouling. These Three Important Objectives Are Accomplished During The Course Of A Game. With These Three Objectives Applied, It Will Be Hard For The Opponent Players To Score.

    individual Defense Drills

    the Good Defensive Stance Is The Very First Point To Learn For Improving Individual Defense. There Are Drills For Getting Into A Good Stance And These Drills Will Also Teach You How To Move Correctly. The Mass Drill Which Involves All The Team Works To Improve The On-ball Defense. If You See Even The Best Players Of The Country Pay Huge Importance To The Basics Of The Stance.

    next Is The Zig-zag Drill. This Drill Is Very Helpful In Improving Your Defensive Skills As Well. So, How Can You Do This? Every On-ball Defender Will Take Part In Two Rounds In Which He Will Guard The Ball To Ball Half Court Line. In The First Dribble When The Half Court Line Is Reached, The Defender Starts The 2nd Round By A Executing A Closeout To The Baseline. There Are Some Other Important Elements Taught As Well Like The Containment Of The Dribble And Forcing Changes.

    defensive Stations

    in Order To Teach The Players Best Individual Defense, The Team Is Broken Into Several Groups Where The Defensive Stations Are Used In Which Assistant Coaches Run Five Minutes Drills. In The Defensive Stations Players Learn To Improvise And Learn How To Defend In Breakdowns Of Scenarios That Might Arise During A Game. So, This Will Improve Their Overall Game And Defensive Skills.

    the 1-on-1 Defensive Station Will Teach The Players To Guard Properly. So, How It Works? Well, The On-ball Defender Is To Position Herself One Arm's Length Away From The Dribbler. To Simulate This, The Inside Hand Reaches Out To Mirror The Basketball While The Other Hand Helps Deny Passes And Drives To The Sideline Or To The Baseline. So, This Method Is Very Effective In Many Ways.


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