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  • Full Court Trapping Systems For Controlling Tempo DVD
  • Full Court Trapping Systems For Controlling Tempo by Dana Altman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Full Court Trapping Systems for Controlling Tempo

    Teams that only press when behind usually do not have much success trying to do something that is not part of their defensive system. Oregon head coach Dana Altman presents the Oregon Press System, one that can help teams control tempo, in this video.

    Coach Altman is one of just a few Division 1 head coaches to every amass 19 straight winning seasons. He has taken his Ducks to four Sweet Sixteens in his nine years at Oregon. A big part of his success is his pressing system. In the video, Coach Altman presents both the Blue Press and the Green Press defining the parameters of each and the rules for each player.

    Full Court Trapping System Blue Press

    Blue starts as a three-quarter court press with the opportunity to trap. Coach Altman shows you how he divides the court up into sections. This helps players understand how to use certain areas of the floor to entice opponents into trapping situations. The Blue Press can trap on either side of the court, but Altman prefers it on the defensive end. Blue is used to control the tempo of the game keeping the opponent uncomfortable all while burning time off the shot clock.

    Full Court Trapping System Green Press

    Green is a much more aggressive 1-2-2 full-court press used when your team is behind and must get back in the game. Similar to most Diamond presses, Coach Altman uses it to speed up tempo and get more possessions on offense. The key points Altman shares about the Green Press are:

    • How to press with a man on the ball
    • How to make the trap off the first pass
    • How to press against multiple press breaks such as the 1-4 and 3-men-at-half-court press breaks
    • How to neutralize a star point guard and force them to give up the ball
    • How to utilize your personnel so they are in the right position during the press

    Bonus Features

    In addition to discussing his Oregon Press, Coach Altman shares some additional information for coaches looking to become effective at pressing. Altman shares how to:

    • Trap if the ball is brought up the sideline
    • Effectively trap in the half-court
    • Trap an inexperienced player and how it can benefit your team

    A full-court press can be a game-changer for a program. Become a consistent full-court pressure team with the help Coach Altman’s video. Add it to your collection today! Rent this full court trapping system DVD today.

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