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  • Floppy Defense Basketball
  • Floppy Defense To Disguise Your Zone & Man Defense by Robert Jones Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Floppy Defense – A System to Disguise Your Zone & Man Half-Court Defense

    The zone defense is become more popular among college and high basketball coaches across the nation because it does pose some difficulties for opposing offenses. In this video, Norfolk State head coach Robert Jones discusses and demonstrates his “Floppy Defense,” a combination of the 2-3 zone, 3-2 match-up zone, and man-to-man. Watch as Jones, a finalist for the Joe B. Hall Award in 2014, explains the defense in a chalk talk and then takes you to the court to demonstrate it.

    Floppy Defense Basketball

    Coach Jones first explains each of the three defenses – 2-3 zone, 3-2 matchup, and man-to-man – that make up the Floppy defense. You will see how and when to switch when the offense is running their play. This creates confusion for the offense and ends up slowing it down.

    The defense starts in the traditional 2-3 zone and then switches to Floppy 5 (man-to-man), Floppy 3 (3-2), and back to 2-Flat, which is the 2-3. The first pass to your 3-man’s side determines the switch. Post players pick up opposing post players to ensure you don’t end up with mismatches on the wing when switching into Floppy 5. Coach Jones then shows you how to defend the most common actions his team’s see and how to defend ball screens.

    Floppy Defense Breakdown Drills

    Coach Jones takes to the court to show you the man-to-man breakdown drills. The drills stress denying passes, help defense on the ball, , post defense, and defending cutters. Players begin in 1-on-1 situations and incorporate other defenders to build the team defense. Closeouts and constant communication are emphasized in every drill.

    Jones also gives you his 3-2 zone breakdown drills as well as a number of 2-3 zone drills. His “Top Two” drill features one guard pressuring the ball with the other guard defending the high post.

    Full Court Pressure

    Coach Jones likes to use full-court pressure before the Floppy defense to force opponents to play faster than they would like. This can disrupt the offense and force turnovers. Jones shows you the press, a 1-2-2 zone and then how to get right into the Floppy 5. He also shows you how to go from pressure to the 2-3 zone.

    Jones’ Floppy concept is a unique approach to confusing opposing offenses. Give your team an edge against more talented teams with the Floppy defense!

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