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  • Fist 2-3 Zone Defense by Dwane Casey
  • Fist 2-3 Zone Defense by Dwane Casey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    “Fist” 2-3 Zone Defense

    Learn the 2-3 matchup zone defense from veteran NBA coach Dwane Casey, whose name is synonymous with the term defensive guru. As an assistant in Dallas, it was Casey that installed the 2-3 matchup zone that led the Mavericks to an NBA title. As a head coach in Toronto, the Raptors were consistently one of the NBA’s best defenses and Casey continues his legacy now in Detroit.

    In this video, Casey breaks down the intricacies of his matchup zone showing you practice drills that simulate the most common offenses run against it. Watch as Coach Casey teaches the Humber College men’s basketball team to play his defense without ever having run a 2-3 zone in the past.

    Installing the 2-3 Zone

    Coach Casey has some basic fundamental principles of the 2-3 zone. First, he shows you how the court is divided up into different quadrants to teach players basic positioning and responsibilities. You will see how Casey teaches defending the ball and how players nearest the ball are to help. All of the strategies taught by Casey adjust depending upon the location of the ball and the defender that is applying pressure.

    Communicating in the Zone Defense

    Opponents often try to overload one side of the zone defense to gain an advantage. Coach Casey teaches players how to initiate “bumps” in player coverage. To do so, players must know the correct terminology and use it when communicating with teammates. Casey demonstrates a drill you can use to reinforce communication and the different strategies he teaches.

    Coach Casey adds a flasher into the high post to challenge the defense’s matchup responsibilities. Players have to learn how to extend outside of their coverage areas based on the situation. Communication plays a vital role in doing so. Coach Casey also shows you how to play the matchup zone on baseline and sideline out of bounds plays.

    One of the masters of defense at the highest level, Coach Casey goes into great detail in this 56-minute video to explain the secrets of the 2-3 matchup zone. Own it today!

    Read our 2-3 Zone Defense Guide here.

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