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    Drills for Developing Hybrid Basketball Players

    In today’s more multi-faceted game, players that have the ability to play multiple positions are extremely valuable. University of North Florida head coach Matthew Driscoll understands the need for such hybrid players and has developed a system for training them. Driscoll served as an assistant with Scott Drew at Baylor helping to rebuild the Bears program before taking over at North Florida where Drew led the Ospreys to their first-ever NCAA tournament appearance (2014-15).

    In this unique skill development video, Coach Driscoll shows you how to take tall players and develop them into hybrids. They have the ability to score from inside, but also can step out and attack the basket with ball handling skills as well as show off their shooting range.

    Ball Handling Drills

    Coach Driscoll teach post players to handle the ball with a series of ball handling drills normally reserved for point guards. Using four different drills, Driscoll works on players’ abilities to shake defenders and drive the lane. In a second set of drills, players combine ball handling with finishes at the rim. Each moves stresses change of direction and getting defenders on their heels. Players work on pro hops, step-back jumpers, floaters, and the Stockton move.

    Training in the Post

    Hybrid basketball players can exploit mismatches in the post when playing with their back to the basket. Coach Driscoll uses three drills to teach players to finish at the rim while playing with the back to the basket.

    The QB Tee Back to the Basket series teaches players eight different ways to score through the post. Driscoll teaches a “cheat step” that helps players get angles on defenders and puts them in positions to score.

    Shooting Drills

    Coach Driscoll shares a number of shooting drills designed to sharpen players’ shooting technique. The Great 8 Finishing drill teaches players how to finish with control at the rim using either hand with six finishes. Driscoll also works players through eight different scoring situations they would commonly see in their ball screen offense in game situations. This helps players take shots that they’ll take in games.

    Creating Offense

    Two final skill development drills help develop players into playmakers. The first breaks down options for penetrating the lane. Players have the ability to execute the “LeBron” pass to an open perimeter shooter as the defense sinks to help in the lane. The Ball Screen Acuity drill reverses traditional roles. The big handles the ball while perimeter players become the screeners in a pick and roll action.

    With the changing game, athletes need to adapt as well. Coach Driscoll’s video will show you how he builds players that can play any position in today’s “position-less” game. Rent this Hybrid Basketball Players DVD today.

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