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    Dribble Drive Offense Drills with Greg Kampe

    With an understanding that, the dribble drives offense thrives on dribble penetration, an attacking mindset and spacing the floor with 3-point shooters. You should be excited because you are about to explore or discover the drills that legendary coach Greg Kampe uses to build his dribble drive offense in this look at an Oakland University master piece.

    In this presentation, Coach Kampe included the breakdown drills and shooting drills that will help any player to not just execute but improve certain skills, and also make strategic decisions on the court.

    Dribble Drive Offense Drills 

    Coach Kampe went on to carve up further insights into his offensive system by showcasing the two customized sets which he uses to compliment the dribble drive offense. These sets incorporate multiple screening actions and an emphasis on feeding the post. Areas covered include: the blood series, choice offence, Triangle Offense, O.D.O. - 5-on-5, shooting drills for DDM.

    He highlighted that one of the most important yet often overlooked aspect of shooting drills is passing. When you follow his dribble drive strategy, your players will not only improve their shooting, but also the passing, screening and rolling that can make or break a scoring opportunity.

    Coach Kampe's breakdown drills and sets will aid teams at all levels advance their dribble drive motion offense. Rent this dribble drive offense drills DVD today.

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