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    Defensive Conditioning Drills for Basketball Without the Ball

    DePaul University head women’s basketball coach Doug Bruno is well-known throughout coaching circles for his ability to mold and develop talent. He has over 500 career wins and has been heavily involved in USA Women’s Basketball having been an assistant coach for the national team from 2010 to 2015.

    In this defensive conditioning drills for basketball video, Coach Bruno offers up 13 different drills all designed to turn up the defensive pressure and minimize easy baskets by opponents. The drills you will see are great for developing positive defensive habits and they work as conditioning drills as well. Defensive concepts you will see include on-ball defense, full court defense, half-court defense, and stopping an opponent’s best player.

    Individual On-Ball Defense

    Coach Bruno demonstrates a number of drills that will improve your overall team defense. There are drills to establish an athletic defensive stance, where all defense begins. You will also see drills that develop explosive slides and train players to stay in front of the ball. Proper stance and technique can help minimize breakdowns that result from players getting beat off the dribble. This is where you will see improvements in your team defense.

    Half-Court Defense

    Coach Bruno introduces four drills designed to improve your half-court defense. The Close Out and Sprint to Help Line Drill works on close out technique and positioning relative to the ball. The 2-on-2 version of the drill forces players to help with dribble penetration before closing out to recover on the skip pass.

    Two drills emphasize denial defense and how your players can take out a defender. The Continuous Denial drill can be run in both 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 situations. Players deny the wing and cut off the baseline while defending the ball. The second drill forces players to fight through multiple screens while trying to deny the basketball.

    Transition and Full Court Defense

    Transition defense is an important part of any team’s defensive package. Coach Bruno brings you four drills to improve your defensive play in transition. The 5-on-5 Across the Free Throw Line Drill challenges your defense to communicate and scramble in a temporary disadvantage situation.

    The Jump and Run Actions series is perfect for breaking down full court defense. Players work in either a 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 situation and apply maximum pressure to the ball. The drill teaches players how to rotate when switches occur.

    All of Coach Bruno’s drills can be done without a ball and can help any team at any level to improve its pressure defense and minimize easy baskets. This 74-minute video is full of creative drills that will not only put your team to the defensive test, it will also improve your players’ conditioning. Rent this defensive conditioning drills for basketball DVD today.

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