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    Open Practice: Defense Drills

    Defense is always a hot-button topic among coaches at all levels. In this open practice video, Indiana State head coach Greg Lansing takes you through a full practice full of drills that will make your defense better. Coach Lansing hits on three defensive fundamentals and much more that will help your players become better individual defenders thereby making your team defense stronger.

    Shell Drills

    Learn how to run the shell drill three different ways to teach concepts such as defending ball screens, doubling the post, and playing defense in transition.

    • Defend Ball Screens: Coach Lansing shows you how to defend ball screens with his over action. The on-ball defender fights through the screen while the screener defender helps before recovering.
    • Double the Post: After an entry pass, the post puts the ball on the floor. This is when the double team occurs. When the ball comes out of the post, a scramble situation is taught to close out on the ball.
    • Full Court Shell: This is a three possession drill with full-court man defense. The defense must communicate in order to get matched up and into proper help position.

    Closeout Drills

    Coach Lansing shares four drills that teach a different form of closeout depending upon the situation. All players must be able to closeout to take away an opponent’s shot. The drills include the Diagonal Closeout which teaches technique in closing out to gaps in the defense and on a skip pass. The Three Line Closeout is a drill with constant motion and serves as a good warmup to begin a defensive session.

     Toughness Drills to Teach Blockouts

    A culture of toughness is built through two drills that teach blockouts and the value of outworking your opponent. Morningside is a 2-on-2 drill that works on blocking out and finishing through contact. 5-on-5 Blockout is a structured drill that allows coaches to choose an exact spot for a blockout to occur.

    Transition Drills

    Coach Lansing takes his team through full-court drills to train defensive transition and recovery. You will see how the drill flows into a few back-and-forth possessions before it is stopped and Lansing corrects his athletes and offers a few adjustments. The 11-Man Drill and Full-Court Shell are used to improve transition defense.

    This video offers the basic fundamentals of defense and a number of drills that can develop both individual and team defense. Take your defense and rebounding to the next level with Coach Lansing’s high-intensity and highly informative open practice video.

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