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  • Defending the pick and roll middle & side video
  • Defending The Pick & Roll by Dwane Casey Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Defending the Pick and Roll

    With so many offenses relying on the pick and roll, it is imperative that teams understand how to defend it. In this defending the pick and roll video, Detroit Pistons head coach Dwane Casey shows you how his defenses shut down both side and middle pick and rolls at the NBA level. Casey was formerly the head coach in Toronto where he took the Raptors to the 2016 Eastern Conference finals and won the 2018 NBCA Coach of the Year award. He teaches you the same effective, NBA-style defense built to stop the pick and roll.

    Side Pick and Roll

    You will see two ways that Casey teaches to shut down the side pick and roll. They are both based on the player who is covering the ball. Casey teaches you to matchup with the ball in the middle to thwart any advantages created off a high pick and roll. Casey also shares his ideas on defending actions such as Laker cuts, split screens, and ball screens out of the Horns set.

    Middle Pick and Roll

    Coach Casey uses a strategy called “Weak” to defend pick and rolls in the middle of the floor. Post players are taught to keep the ball in front of them and communication between the two defenders is important. Casey teaches the post how to communicate with the on-ball defender and teaches help defenders to “tag” the roller. You will also see how it is possible to defend more unorthodox situations such as when dribblers continue their drive under a basket or use a “cross-grain” to change direction after a ball screen.

    The final segment covers the most popular option in the NBA for shutting down side ball screens. Casey calls it “Blue.” Casey will also teach you how to trap out of Blue and defend the screen when they roll or pop out to the elbow. This video gives any coach at any level the tools needed to effectively guard the pick and roll, whether you are a man-to-man or zone defense. Rent this defending the pick and roll DVD today.

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