(Rental)-Creating An Efficient Perimeter Player

  • (Rental)-Creating An Efficient Perimeter Player
  • Creating An Efficient Perimeter Player by Mike Hopkins Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Creating an Efficient Perimeter Player

    Syracuse basketball has produced a number of outstanding perimeter players. University of Washington head coach Mike Hopkins is one of the reasons why. Hopkins, a 20-year-plus assistant to Jim Boeheim at Syracuse, is a master of perimeter basketball play. In this video, Coach Hopkins shares all aspects of perimeter development including increasing speed, improving shooting, and becoming mentally tougher.

    Hopkins became the head coach at Washington in 2017 and went 21-13 in his first season. His Huskies won the Pac-12 regular season title in 2018 and Hopkins was named the Pac-12 Coach of the Year. He has had a long and successful career in developing perimeter players and he shares his views and insights in this presentation.

    Winning the Baseline Drive

    Coach Hopkins uses a series of drills to work on the line and angle to the basket when driving to the key. Here, Coach Hopkins teaches players not to fight the defender but to use balance and quickness. The placement of the feet is crucial in beating the defender to the basket. Players also learn to expect and absorb contact while maintaining a strong base. Hopkins prefers the offensive player initiate the contact which helps to improve angles and increase shot percentages. Coach Hopkins also teaches players how to deal with second defenders who will no doubt come into play as the first defender is beaten.

    Change of Direction Moves

    To teach players to dribble low enough (something they rarely do), Coach Hopkins shows you the Dribble Touch drill series where players must stay low after making a change of direction move. Hopkins also shows you how to deal with defenders that crowd the basketball. He teaches a head-shoulder-leg technique that initiates contact with a defender without drawing a foul. The Walk Up Drill is another in which players learn to separate from defenders and get open on the perimeter.

    Dribbling posture is important to Coach Hopkins and he talks about how players are to react when facing defensive pressure on the ball. Hopkins emphasizes drills that work on creating space for the ball handler.

    Shooting Endurance

    Players must be in great shape to be able to shoot when they are tired. Spurs 100 is an outstanding shooting drill that Coach Hopkins uses at the end of his practices. The drill is a conditioner but also can be modified so that players are taking the same shots they would in a game situation.

    Coach Hopkins video will give you a greater appreciation of the skills and fundamentals needed to be a successful perimeter player. With years of experience in developing some of the best in college basketball, Coach Hopkins gives you all of the tools you will need to do the same in your program.

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