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  • Creating A Dominant 2-3 Zone Defense by Al Marshall Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Creating a Dominant 2-3 Zone Defense

    If you lack the athletic talent to match up man-to-man with opponents, former Cascade HS (IA) head coach Alan Marshall has your answer. Coach Marshall’s knowledge and understanding of the 2-3 zone may be outmatched. He used a suffocating 2-3 zone to earn 738 career victories, third-most in the state of Iowa. Between 2006 and 2016, Coach Marshall’s teams led the state in defensive scoring average.

    Using whiteboard explanations and on-court demonstration, Marshall introduces you to his 2-3 zone. Learn the fundamental movements of the defense as well as the intricacies and drills needed to make this defense truly special.

    2-3 Zone Slides

    Marshall explains the movements, positions, and responsibilities of each player within the 2-3 zone. Players learn the correct slides and Marshall explains the why and the where behind each one. He covers a number of critical components of the defense including:

    • Slides on a skip pass
    • When the ball drops into the post
    • Weak side flashes
    • Passes into the short corner
    • Double team options
    • Forcing baseline
    • And more!

    Coach Marshall also gets into how to cover offenses that try and spread the defense out. He also addresses how to rebound when shots are taken from various locations. You will also see how to adapt the 2-3 to different out of bounds situations.

    Breakdown Drills for the 2-3 Zone Defense

    In order to implement the 2-3 zone defense, you need to drill it. Coach Marshall shows you 10 different drills that help to develop the technique and internal instincts needed to become great defenders in the zone.

    • Eight vs. Five Drill: Defenders must play against eight offensive players. Defenders must move and find the correct spots. If done correctly, the offense should not be able to get a shot off.
    • Mass Fundamentals Drill: This works on stance and movement building strength and muscle memory which help players play defense for an entire game.
    • The Deflection Drill: Teaches players how to disrupt passes, fly around the court, and intercept the ball.
    • The Guard Overload Drill: This helps your best defenders learn to anticipate the next pass and take away opponents’ next moves.
    • The High Post to Short Corner Drill: Trains centers and forwards to react with the right slides when the ball gets into crucial areas.

    Coach Marshall does a great job of teaching the 2-3 zone. You will learn how to neutralize dribble penetration, limit fouls, and force opponents into shots they do not want in this must-have video. Rent this 2-3 Zone Defense DVD today.

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