(Rental)-Cornerstones Of Team Culture & Practice Drills

  • (Rental)-Cornerstones Of Team Culture & Practice Drills
  • Cornerstones Of Team Culture & Practice Drills by Lon Kruger Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Lon Kruger: Cornerstones of Team Culture & Practice Drills

    Winning basketball programs all have one thing in common – a culture of winning. Over the course of his career, University of Oklahoma head coach Lon Kruger has stuck to the cornerstones of his success to become the first Division I head coach to take five different schools – Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, Kansas State, and UNLV – to the NCAA tournament. In this video, Coach Kruger explains those cornerstones to success and shows you how to build a program that inspires athletes to give their all to the program. Kruger also shares 13 different drills that help teach fundamental skills necessary in building a successful program.

    Program Culture

    Coach Kruger has been able to create success at five different schools proving that his system does work. He discusses the principles of his program culture that you can use to develop an atmosphere that empowers your athletes to grow. You will see how to set goals, create high-energy practices, identify player roles, focus on team unity, and more. Motivating players isn’t easy, but Kruger’s methods work.

    Transition Drills

    If you have ever heard the phrase “it’s not what you do but how you do it,” Coach Kruger proves it true with three transition drills. Kruger hones in on the details of passing, catching, running the floor, and finishing at the rim. You will also see the standards Kruger has set at Oklahoma for these drills so your players can compete against them.

    Shooting Drills

    You have to have shooters to be great on offense. Coach Kruger shares nine shooting drills to develop the skill. These drills develop shooting prowess from all areas of the floor. Follow the Leader and Around the Horn demand perfect execution of shooting fundamentals. Each drill is constructed in a way to get your players to compete against either time, score, or an opponent. Players improve their shooting ability taking game-like shots in game-like situations.

    3-on-3 Drills

    Players get to apply their skills in 3-on-3 competition. The variety of drills help players read defenses and take advantage of their different skill sets to make plays. Coach Kruger will do things like add a shot clock or keep score to increase the pressure in these 3-on-3 drills. You will also see how you can tailor these drills to practice different game situations. It’s a great way to maximize your players’ repetitions when you teach your offense.

    Coach Kruger has had tremendous success everywhere he has been. It is because of a positive culture where his players enjoy improving their skills on a daily basis. This video can help your program do the same.

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