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    Don Showalter: Continuity Ball Screen Offense

    Learn all you need about the ball screen offense in this video presented by Don Showalter, head basketball coach at Iowa City HS in Iowa and also USA U16 and U17 Development coach. Showalter has over 500 career wins and has won numerous honors in the USA Development program. He has been honored as the USA Basketball Development Coach of the Year six times.

    In this video, Coach Showalter shows you the continuity ball screen offense that helped his U16 and U17 teams win gold medals in international competition. The offense is simple to run and can be used at any level. Players like it because it is easy to learn and it allows them freedom within the system.

    Using on-court demonstration, Coach Showalter takes you through the “20” continuity offense which begins in a 1-4 set and utilizes a ball screen on the wing to get players into what Showalter calls the kill area. Coach details what makes the ball screen offense work including how and where to set the ball screen and the screen and roll versus the screen and go.

    Players are taught to read defenses as the ball handler comes off of a screen. Coach Showalter emphasizes the correct reads for the various looks the offense might see. These include defenses that:

    • Go behind the screen
    • Hedge on the screen
    • Double on the screen
    • Switch the screen
    • Show early on the screen

    In addition to the base offense, Coach Showalter provides you with a number of variations that will help you take advantage of defenses. These include the Pop Series, Horns, 21, and the Shuffle Cut. All of these are demonstrated in on-court action.

    The final segment of the video features how Showalter’s offense can operate against a zone defense. The basic continuity offense remains the same, but players must learn different reads as they change when facing a zone defense. You will get an added bonus as Showalter talks about how to get players to play hard all the time. Coach Showalter gets into his four “C’s” (Choices, Comfort Zone, Compete, and Communication) as well as the top 10 mistakes that high school coaches make.

    In 69 minutes, you will learn much more than just how to install the continuity ball screen offense, one that is easy enough to install at any level.

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