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  • Competitive Drill Progressions For Creating Energy In Your Gym by Frank Allocco Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Competitive Basketball Drills for Creating Energy in Your Gym

    Frank Alloco built a high school powerhouse at De La Salle HS in California where he won two state championships and earned a couple of national coach of the year honors. In this video, Coach Alloco gets into his coaching philosophy and how he uses breakdown drills to install his offensive and defensive systems. He shows you the drill progressions starting from 1-on-1, to 2-on-2, and eventually 5-on-5. You’ll see Coach Alloco teach the drills in great detail in a live setting.

    Coaching Today’s Athlete

    Coach Alloco introduces his presentation by talking about how today’s athlete is much different than even 10 years ago. He starts with some philosophical statements and quotes that have helped him bridge the gap between generations. These include:

    • The mindset and attitude of today’s player
    • Seasonal opportunities and when to “rebirth” a program
    • Drill types and the decline in fundamental emphasis

    Offensive Transition

    You will see Coach Alloco demonstrate three drills that he uses to teach transition offense. The drills will help:

    • Teach your team to the get the ball out of the net quickly and up the floor
    • Learn to attack the defense in transition in even and disadvantage situations
    • Teach your players how to relieve pressure while still playing fast

    Rebounding Drills

    Three different rebounding drills are demonstrated through a series of breakdown drills. Each ends with a game-like rebound and incorporates other facets of the game like closeouts. The 3-on-3 Triangle Rebounding drill teaches players to box out from different angles.

    Defensive Fundamentals

    Players should understand the easiest shots in basketball are the ones closest to the hoop. Knowing that, they should always work to keep the ball out of the paint and away from the basket. Coach Allocco emphasizes this in game-like drills that teach your players to:

    • Closeout, play on-ball and off-ball defense, and double the low post
    • Stop the ball in transition and play in a disadvantaged situation
    • Communicate on defense

    Coach Allocco ties his entire defensive philosophy together in a 5-on-5 Identity drill, where players are put in game-like situations. Coach Allocco’s detail oriented teaching style can help you build your own drill progressions to teach your team to compete at a championship level. Rent this competitive basketball drills DVD today.

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