(Rental)-Building The Natural Shot: Easy To Learn Concepts & Techniques

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    Building the Natural Shot: Easy to Learn Concepts and Techniques

    Shooting is one of the most fundamental skills in basketball. Coach Gary Close spent 29 years as a Division I college basketball assistant developing the shooting form of several premier players like B.J. Armstrong and post players like Frank Kaminsky. Close spent 13 years at Wisconsin, including the back-to-back trips to the Final Four in 2014 and ’15, and helped Kaminsky earn national player of the year honors.

    In this video, Coach Close dives into the fundamentals of developing an accurate shot. He breaks down proper shooting form and explains how to teach it to your players using 11 different drills for players of all levels. Close explains breaks down everything from a player’s release to understanding how to measure distance on long and short shots. He includes a number of shooting drills all designed to develop proper shooting technique.

    Basics of a Good Shot

    Coach Close starts from the ground up teaching you the essentials to developing a good shot. First comes the stance and then ball position. Close gives you five teaching points to enhance a player’s shot release and rotation on the ball. The basics such as footwork, arm position, and angle of delivery in the release are all broken down.

    Coach Close also takes these principles and shows you how to use them to correct a player’s “broken” shot. He gives you nine strategies for improving shots that are not getting enough spin on the ball, shots that are going long, and shots that are falling short. All of the shot basics then progress into form shooting where players build upon the proper stance and hand placement.

    Shooting Drills

    Coach Close teaches a number of drills that emphasize different elements of shooting. These drills include:

    • Bounce Drill: emphasizes getting rotation on the ball with strong wrist flicks
    • Quick Release Drill: works on speeding up a player’s release and removing any downward motion in their shot

    Close presents multiple drills that focus on finesse-type shots that help to narrow a player’s aim on the rim. You will also see drills presented in a more competitive environment. These drills allow you to work with individual players or with small groups. The focus in these drills shifts from technique to developing consistency and scoring.

    Coach Close gives you everything you need to transform any player’s shooting form. You will be able to diagnose and correct any problems with shooting technique.

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