(Rental)-Building A Man To Man Defensive System

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  • (Rental)-Building A Man To Man Defensive System
  • Building A Man To Man Defensive System by Gary Close Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Building a Man-to-Man Defensive System

    Gary Close spent nearly three decades as a top assistant for some of the best coaches in NCAA Division basketball history. Working closely with coaches like Bo Ryan and Tom Davis, Close has in-depth knowledge of each coach’s defensive strategies. In this video, Close teaches and demonstrates Ryan’s half-court defensive system and then breaks down two of Davis’ full-court pressures. You will see how your defense can control tempo, disrupt offenses, and force opponents into bad shots.

    Defensive Basics

    Close starts with defensive philosophy and then discusses the rules of the half-court defense. A philosophy that holds players accountable allows a team to play at a high level. Close also talks about communication and teaching points when watching film with players.

    The on-court demonstration begins with the stance and footwork. Close places emphasis on cutting off the offensive player’s path to the basket. The rule is players do not expose their numbers to the sideline camera for this opens up a path to the rim. Additionally, Coach Close talks about help defense and recovery.

    Breakdown Drills

    You will see 12 different drills that you can use daily with your players. It all starts with the one drill that is the basis of the entire defense – 1-on-1 from the Top. The drill teaches the importance of pressuring the ball after a closeout. Other drills help build the techniques needed to play the defense. Once players have the basics down, drills progress into live action.

    Defending Screens

    In defending screens, Close emphasizes pressure on the ball. The player being screened and the screener’s defender work together to make it difficult for the offense. Close details the roles of each player involved in the screen.

    Coach Close also goes over how to defend all types of screens including down, slip, fade, stagger, and ball screens. Each screen is defended in multiple scenarios and you will see the 4-on-4 Ball Screen Defense drill, which gives players game-like situations where they learn to defend screens.

    55 Pressure Defense

    In an on-court demonstration, Coach Close shows you his full- and ¾-court pressure defense. He’ll take you through defending multiple press breaks and shows you his 55 Pass Reaction drill which teaches players to set up pressure defense quickly in an effort to force a turnover.

    Using Coach Close’s defense, you can become a winner. Close gives you three defenses that can help your program start winning now!

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