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  • Building A Better Shooter by Danielle Viglione Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Building a Better Shooter

    One of the most fundamental skills in all of basketball is shooting. Former WNBA star Danielle Viglione addresses just that in this video full of top-notch drills. Viglione played 10 years in the WNBA with the Sacramento Monarchs. She played collegiately at Texas where she holds the school record for most 3-pointers made in a career.

    Now the leader of the Sacramento Skills Academy, Viglione helps players at all levels improve their shooting. In this video, you will see over 20 different shooting drills that Viglione has learned throughout her career in the WNBA and overseas. Using a progression of drills, Viglione has helped numerous athletes become knock-down shooters.

    Building a Better Shooter Drills

    The drills that Viglione uses work on a number of skills including the following:

    • One-hand shooting: Viglione presents different drills that develop the fundamentals of good shooting form. Shooters are built from the ground up. They must be balanced and have the right footwork in order to become great shooters. These drills are the building blocks that must be routinely drilled and mastered.
    • Catch and Shoot: Players must develop a rhythm in catching and shooting from different angles on different spots all over the floor. These drills work on those various catching angles, footwork, and balance. The drills help players improve all aspects of shooting including range and accuracy. Viglione progressively adds defense to the drills to help players master their shooting technique at game speed.
    • Shooting of the Move: Players have to learn to create space in order to take a shot. Viglione includes drills that teach players to get open by setting up their opponent to create the space necessary for an open shot. Players learn to cut off screens and read the defense to get an open shot in rhythm.

    Viglione places a lot of emphasis on proper footwork and shot mechanics. These must be mastered using these drills. Players’ shooting will improve and they will be much better prepared to create shots on their own or come off of a screen for an open shot.

    From the basic fundamentals to shooting on the move or off of screens, Coach Viglione covers it all. If you are looking for an insightful breakdown of how to master shooting the basketball, this video belongs in your collection. Rent this building a better shooter DVD today.

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