(Rental)-Building & Champion & The 2-3 Zone

  • (Rental)-Building & Champion & The 2-3 Zone
  • Building & Champion & The 2-3 Zone by John Calipari Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Building a Champion and the 2-3 Zone

    National championship winning coach John Calipari and three of his top assistants take you inside the program for a look at what it takes to build a champion. Learn the Kentucky Wildcat philosophy and listen as Coach Calipari covers things like staff responsibilities, scouting, practice design, motivating players, zone defense, and more. With three Naismith Coach of the Year awards under his belt, Calipari knows a thing or two about building a championship program.

    Creating a Championship Staff

    A great staff helps make a head coach more efficient and, ultimately, more successful. Kentucky assistant coach John Robic, who has spent many years with Coach Calipari, shares his ideas on hiring the right staff, coaching responsibilities on game day, and working with players.

    Coach Robic’s expertise lies in scouting opponents. He shows you how an elite program like Kentucky prepares for upcoming opponents. You will see how the coaching staff shares information with player and how much to share.

    Coach Barry Rohrssen then goes into the role of an assistant coach and how, as an assistant, you must be organized and prepared for each day whether it is practice or a game. He also shares ideas on player motivation, setting goals, and paying attention to the little details in your program.

    2-3 Zone Defense

    Tony Barbee, another Calipari assistant, draws on his experience as a head coach at UTEP and Auburn to teach you strategies for maximizing the 2-3 zone defense. Coach Barbee shows you the most frequently used offensive strategies to attack the 2-3 and how Kentucky adjusts to defend each one. You will see how to match up when the ball goes to the high post and trap when the ball is in the short corners. Coach Barbee also shares how Kentucky rebounds from the 2-3 zone.

    Q&A with Coach Calipari

    The video is highlighted by a special Q&A session with Coach Calipari. He talks about his coaching philosophy and how he is able to take some of the nation’s best players, soon to be NBA lottery picks, and get them to put the team first. Coach Calipari also talks about changing your program’s culture to one that is player-focused. You will also see how Kentucky uses efficiency statistics to motivate players to develop roles on the team.

    If you are searching for ideas about changing your program, the University of Kentucky program is one to emulate. Coach Calipari and his staff offer you a treasure trove of championship building information in this presentation.

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