(Rental)-Breakdown Drills For The 4 Out 1 In & 3 Out 2 In Motion Attack

  • 4 Out In 1 Motion Offense drills 3 Out 2 In Drills
  • Breakdown Drills For The 4 Out 1 In & 3 Out 2 In Motion Attack by Bill Self Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    4 Out 1 In Motion Offense Drills

    Breakdown Drills for the 4 Out/1 In & 3 Out/2 In Motion Attack

    Kansas head coach Bill Self runs one of the best programs in the country and in this video you can see the Jayhawks break down their First and Four-Game ball screen offense. Coach Self has already been inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame and has produced more than 650 career wins. His Jayhawks have won 14 straight Big 12 regular season titles and Self’s 2008 team won a national championship.

    In this presentation, you will see Coach Self explain some of his concepts on a whiteboard and then you will see how they are implemented in live practice video. Coach Self shares a number of 4 Out 1 in Motion Offense drills for both your guards and bigs so that you can maximize your teaching of the necessary skills. The 17 drills presented will give you a much better understanding of the Jayhawks’ 3-out and 4-out ball screen offenses.

    Breakdown Drills: Bigs

    Coach Self takes you through eight different drills to help bigs operate in the low post, utilize ball screens, and play through high-lows. You will see how a post player is to seal a defender to receive the ball. One drill teaches posts how to use the duck-in move to seal a defender for lob passes and easy scoring chances. This progression of drills gets post players comfortable with the movements of the high-low passing game.

    The drills then progress to 2-on-1 where players practice different options on high post flashes. Then, the drills move to 2-on-2 and posts learn how and when to use ball screens and play out of multiple options within the offense. The Jump Hook series is an excellent way to get posts a high number of reps on critical post moves like the jump hook, the up and under, and the face up. Coach Self also adds three more shooting drills to extend the range of your post players on high post flashes and pick-and-pops.

    Breakdown Drills: Guards

    Guards go through nine different 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense drills to teach them to get downhill and make plays in the Fist and Four-Game offense. Spacing is always important and Self reviews how to space the floor properly after a post feed. Another drill helps teach four different strategies for using ball screens depending upon what a defense presents.

    The L-Cut drill teaches guards to get open on the wings and get open for mid-range jumpers. Guards also work on refining their scoring off wide pin screens, learn how to use dribble moves to get by defenders, and practice the next pass to an open shooter on a baseline drive.

    Coach Self teaches how to implement the Kansas ball screen offenses in this 74-minute video while giving you the drills needed to do so. It’s an attack that has helped Kansas remain one of the dominant programs in college basketball. Rent this 4 Out 1 in Motion Offense Drills DVD today.

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