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  • Brad Underwood Open Practice: Defense by Brad Underwood Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Practice with Brad Underwood

    The first part of the second basketball practice video is devoted to the fast-paced offense and the press break. Players warm up with Star Passing, which eventually builds into 5-on-5 and even 5-on-7 scrimmages. Underwood also breaks his players into position groups where they go further in detail on the fundamentals needed to break the press.

    Coach Underwood shifts to defense and begins with a lecture segment. He shares a wealth of information about his half-court man-to-man. He describes the terminology and teaching points he and his staff use to teach players aggressive denial defense. The basis of his defensive philosophy is the concept of up-the-line, on-the-line denial. No direct passes are to be allowed. As a result, teams must become more one-on-one minded.

    Basketball Practice - Defending Ball Screens

    Underwood also goes into his three ways of defending ball screens. Blue forces the dribbler to the baseline away from the ball screen. Red is a hard hedge used to force the dribbler up the sideline on the offense’s right side of the floor. White is used against flat ball screens in the middle of the floor.

    Full of great content on both offense and defense, Coach Underwood’s video set is a great addition to any coach’s collection! Rent this basketball practice DVD today.

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