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  • Beating The 2-3 Zone Defense
  • Beating The 2-3 Zone With The 1-3-1 Set by Jamie Dixon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Beating the 2-3 Zone Defense with the 1-3-1 Set

    Learn how to attack the 2-3 zone with the constant ball and player movement of TCU head coach Jamie Dixon’s 1-3-1 attack. Coach Dixon won two Big East regular season titles as the former head coach at Pitt and has led TCU to an NIT championship. With today’s game becoming more dependent on the drive, teams are playing more zone defense. Dixon has faced some of the best including legendary head coach Jim Boeheim’s 2-3 at Syracuse. In this practice session video, Coach Dixon takes you through how to beat the zone defense.

    13 Move

    Coach Dixon has adjusted his zone offense to beat any type of 2-3 zone. The basic idea in his zone offense is to apply constant pressure on the defense. Players become an immediate threat every time they catch the basketball. Wings can drive, shoot, or reverse the ball. Coach Dixon goes through every offensive situation detailing how it beats the 2-3 zone.

    Counters and Set Plays

    Within the 13 Move offense, you will see Coach Dixon draw up a number of different actions that players can execute. These include high/low actions, ball reversals, and actions from a 1-4 set. You will also see how players transition from a rebound to running the fast break against the 2-3 as well as getting into the offense after the break.

    Beating the 2-3 Zone Defense Adjustments

    Where Dixon really sets himself apart in the coaching community is his adjustments to the different things that zone defenses try. For example, you will see how Dixon counters a 2-3 that extends itself by using the high post. The same goes for zone defenses that try to trap in the short corner. Players must find out what a defense is trying to do and then attack it to take away its strength.

    Guard/Post Breakdown Drills

    Coach Dixon then goes through the different drills that make his zone offense so successful. All the drills emphasize movement and helping players recognize common actions or situations they will face in game situations.

    Having coached against some of the best zone defenses in the nation, Coach Dixon is well-versed in how to beat them. Help your players become successful attacking zone defenses by adding this open practice video to your library. Rent this beating the 2-3 zone defense DVD today.

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