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  • basic defense drills for basketball
  • Defensive Basics Drills To Build Your Man To Man Defense by Steve Prohm Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basic Defense Drills for Basketball

    The Iowa State basketball program has been known for its high-scoring offenses for much of the past decade. Head coach Steve Prohm has worked hard to develop his team’s defensive identity, one that has helped the Cyclones reach the NCAA Tournament three times during Prohm’s tenure.

    In this excellent on-court video, Coach Prohm discusses and demonstrates some of the fundamental drills that he uses on a daily basis to build his defense. These are the same drills that helped Prohm take his first Cyclone team in 2015-16 to the Sweet Sixteen. The drills begin with individual technique and eventually build to team concepts.

    Closeout and Denial Drills

    The first five drills introduced by Coach Prohm all work on executing the closeout. Each drill is different, but the focus is the closeout. These drills include straight and angled closeouts, help defense, conditioning, sprints and slides, and denials. These drills can be incorporated into any system and can be adjusted for your style of play.

    After the first five drills, Coach Prohm introduces the 6-Point Defensive drill which covers each element of a successful defensive system. These elements include:

    • Closeouts
    • Playing the gap
    • Denying the post
    • Playing two passes away
    • Giving early help

    The basic defense drills for basketball then progress to what Prohm calls “energizers” where additional defenders are added. These drills work on important defensive concepts while also getting up and down the floor in 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 action. Coach Prohm spends some time in these drills talking about and demonstrating help defense.

    Disadvantages and Transition Drills

    In the course of any game, defenses are often forced to defend when at a disadvantage. You need to practice these situations in order to stop them. Coach Prohm shares three drills that teach the defense how to make stops in these situations.

    • 4-on-3 Contest Drill
    • 4-on-3 Disadvantage Drill
    • 5-on-3 Transition Drill

    All of these drills can be customized to fit any system. You can also modify them to include actions that you expect from certain opponents. These drills are valuable for any coach looking to build a defense capable of winning a championship. Rent this basic defense drills for basketball today.

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