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    Basketball Practice Plan with Jeff Capel

    Get an inside, all access look into three basketball practices of the Oklahoma Sooners as they get ready for the 2010-2011 season. Head coach Jeff Capel is a phenomenal coach and you will get to see how he emphasizes execution and defensive pressure to lead his teams to perennial success.

    Pre-Practice & Film Room:

    The players work on some intense ball handling drills before practice begins. This is a wonderful way to warm up and work on individual skills. The coaches emphasize controlling the ball with your head and eyes up as the players complete each drill.

    Also prior to practice, the players and coaches watch game film. Since it is early in the season, many of the mistakes are basic (not jumping to the ball, reads on offense) but it is still very cool to see how to properly evaluate and communicate film.

    Shooting Drills:

    Capel likes to run an up-tempo system and their shoot practice session reflects this desire. He shows a handful of drills that mostly all happen at a quick pace and require all players to take shots from game-like situations. While most of the drills are full-court with players sprinting up and down the court, some are in smaller groups. He uses paired shooting for players to get high repetitions from game spots along with mixed shooting that pairs bigs and guards to work on their movement off of the ball. In addition, he shows a jab series to help work on players ability to score from the perimeter.

    Defensive System:

    The main focus of the pre-season, at least on defense, is teaching and implementing a match-up zone. Capel and his staff show a tremendous progression that takes the team from a basic shell drill all the way to 5-on-5 full court scrimmaging. Capel likes to emphasize ball pressure and taking away certain spots on the floor with the match-up zone. He also briefly teaches and demonstrates OU's full court press called "41 Hot."

    Transition Offense:

    Since Capel loves for his teams to run, he spends a great deal of time teaching his team how to play in transition. He uses drills that range from 3-on-3 to 5-on-5 to help players find the flow of the game and find their shots inside of that. He also has a series of secondary break options that include: Bounce, Slice, Flex, Post and Corner.

    Out of Bounds Series:

    Since it is early in the season, Capel shows OU's go-to out of bounds plays called "Box" and "Regular." While it is only two play calls, there are multiple options and counters inside of each play. With this once practice segment, you can bring back over eight play options to your team.

    Coach Capel is one of the finest coaches in the country as his has a keen eye for execution and proper fundamentals. Rent this Basketball Practice plan video today.

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