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    Basketball Drills & Practice w/ Oklahoma Coach Lon Kruger

    This basketball drills DVD contains three of the first practices of Oklahoma's season. Legendary coach Lon Kruger shows you how he builds Oklahoma's offense and defense from the ground up. He uses a combination of break down drills, individual player development, and shell drills to work on both the parts and whole of what he is teaching. You will also see why Kruger has won so many games with the the he motivates and teaches his players.

    This basketball drills DVD contains the foundation of everything OU does during the season. While all of the skills, fundamentals, and offensive sets are not exhaustive, it shows how he teaches the basics. It includes individual skill development, conditioning, half court offense, half court defense, and transition work. It can be daunting to set-up your entire program in three practices but Kruger shows how it can be done.

    Coach Kruger constantly emphasizes communication. You will see how he encourages both his players and assistant to continually use their voices to help communicate. His assistants are very involved and vocal during the practices and it adds a wave of energy for each drill. Kruger is not a drill sergeant of a coach but rather uses a softer, more encouraging tone to motivate his players.

    Day 1 Basketball Practice

    Coach Kruger has defense as the main focus of day one. He uses a variety of shell drills to teach the foundation of their defense which include positioning, communication, effort, physicality, covering cutters, screens, and help side responsibility. He also moves the defense into the full court. He goes over the fundamental transition rules and briefly covers their full court defense and the responsibilities of each layer of the press.

    After watching this one practice you get the feel that OU really likes to run an up tempo game. Much of the practice is devoted to both offense and defensive transition. On offense, Kruger teaches his players how to use the trailer as both a ball-screened and ball reversal pivot man. He teaches his players to be patient when attacking so they can see all of the options and make the right play at the right time.

    Day 2 Basketball Practice

    Day two begins with a really cool series of 11 drills. The drills begin with individual player development and progress to include break down drills of the teams offensive and defensive schemes and actions. It is a great way warm up the team, work on individual skill, and team schemes.

    This day also includes a huge dedication to breakdown drills. Kruger uses 1-on-1 all the way through 4-on-4 drills to reinforce the fundamentals they want to see on offense. Players will develop chemistry along with learning the basics of their offense which include moving without the ball, screening, passing, and dribble penetration. Kruger also briefly goes over their basic zone offense principles.

    Defensively, Kruger piggy backs off the the first day be reinforcing what they learned about the press. He focus on teaching disadvantage situations by using more breakdown drills.

    Day 3 Basketball Practice

    The practice lay-out and drills are very similar to the previous two days, however, with a noticeable shift of expectations. Kruger moves from the mechanics of what they are doing to getting results from each drill. He continues to hone the half court offense and defense while also introducing his full-court man press.

    In day three, the Sooners work more in groups of five. They get repetitions in primary and secondary fast break with 5-0 full court trips. They also spend a large amount of practice time going live with a 5-on-5 scrimmage. During the scrimmage Kroger and his staff continue to coach and emphasize the principles they are trying to teach on offense and defense.

    This all-access look into Oklahoma's basketball team has the potential to change the course of your program and coaching career so do not wait to rent this DVD. Rent this basketball drills and practice DVD today.

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