(Rental)-Advanced Tactics & Techniques For Man To Man Defense

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    the Video On Basketball Defense By The Coach Bob Knight Is A Perfection And You Will Not Find A Better Video Than This One. In The Video, The Coach Bob Knight Will Teach You The Most Crucial Steps And Techniques To Master The Art Of Man Defense.

    you Will Have To Look Closer Into The Techniques And Methods Of Bob Knight Man Defense. These Are The Drills And Workouts Which Led Bob Knight To Become One Of The Best Coaches In The Basketball World.


    well, The Philosophy Of The Bob Knight Defense Relies Heavily On The Great Ball Side And Weak Side Help. The Philosophy Of Man Defense Of Bob Knight Is A Clear Depiction Of Man-to-man Principles. The Coach Explains Why Finding The Right Defensive Fit For Your Team’s Personnel Is Very Important.

    conversion & Rebound

    rebound Of The Basketball And Transition Defense Are Two Of The Most Important Areas To Be Worked On. With The Help Of Tough Drills And Workouts Shown By Bob Knight Will Help You Face Your Opponent’s Fiercely And Will Help You Deny Any Type Of Transition Attack And Finishing Of Possessions With Securing Rebounds.

    ball-side & Help-side Defense

    the Tough On The Ball Pressure Is The First Rule That Makes The Defenses Of A Team Strong. Keeping In Mind The Idea Of Forcing The Ball Into The Corner, The Coach Bob Knight Explains How Ball Side Help Must Close Down The Drive And Apart From That The Recovery To Your Man Is Low And Short. You Are Going To Learn Some Of The Best Rules Of Basketball Like Seeing Both Your Man And The Ball To Avoid Back Cuts And Never Losing Sight Of The Basketball.

    defensive Drills

    there Are Eight Defensive Drills That Will Cover Each And Every Part Of Your Defenses. The Coach Bob Knight Will Cover All Of Them. From Rebounding To The Transition Defense To The Man-to-man Pressure To The Help-side Defense To The Ball-side Defense To Post Defense You Are Going To Learn Everything.

    the Coach Bob Knight Also Shares His Hidden Secrets That How You Can Handle The Modern Day Offense Game Like The Dribble Drive Motion, 5-out Motion And The Flex Offense.

    Read our BEEF Shooting Guide here.

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