(Rental)-4 Out Drive & Kick Offense For 3 Point Shots

  • (Rental)-4 Out Drive & Kick Offense For 3 Point Shots
  • 4 Out Drive & Kick Offense For 3 Point Shots by Steve Wojciechowski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    4-Out Drive & Kick Offense for 3-Point Shots

    Today’s game of basketball relies much more on the 3-point shot than ever before. In this video, former Duke player and coach Steve Wojciechowski shows you how to create an offense based on shooting more 3s.

    Wojciechowski, now the head coach at Marquette University, shows you his “Warriors Game” which uses pace and space to get 3-point opportunities. You’ll see three specific drills – the Steph Curry, the Ray Allen, and the Magic 10 – that will help your players improve their 3-point shooting. In addition, you will develop the fundamentals needed to play Coach Woj’s system and learn the breakdown drills to incorporate the system into your existing offense or use it as your own.

    Offensive Fundamentals & Systems

    With his years of experience as a Duke assistant and a member of the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic gold medal coaching staff, Coach Wojciechowski will help you develop offensive systems and fundamentals that best fit your team and its skill set. Coach Woj shows you how to get your best players in the best possible position for high-percentage shot attempts. You will see how Coach uses spacing in the offense and teaches basic fundamentals like catching the basketball and facing the basket.

    Warriors Game

    At Marquette, Coach Wojciechowski’s offense is based on pace and spacing. All five players work together for a common goal – a 3-point shot, a layup, or a free throw – on every single possession. In this segment, you will learn a number of things including the double drag and a number of ball reversal options. Coach Woj shows you a ball reversal to a through cut, to an exchange action, and to a chase ball screen. It’s all part of the Warriors Game.

    Year-Round Shooting Program

    Since the 3-pointer is such a big part of the Marquette offense, Coach Woj shares with you how he gets his players to take 1,500 shots a week in the offseason. The Steph Curry Drill puts players in game-like situations where they take 3-point attempts in three-minute intervals. The Magic 10 Drill forces players to hit consecutive shots before advancing and the Ray Allen Drill works on players’ footwork while on the move. Coach Woj will also help you develop your own shooting drills where players can get quality reps in minimal amounts of time.

    Today’s game is changing and the 3-pointer is as important as ever. For coaches searching how to emphasize the 3-pointer in their offenses, Coach Wojciechowski’s video is the perfect guide.

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