(Rental)-4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense

  • (Rental)-4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense
  • 4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense by Brian Field Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense

    The Province Day School Head Coach Brian Field has come up with an exceptional and result orientated 4-out ball screen continuity offense that will take your reversals and ball screens to the next level. In this video, you are going to learn a lot of new things like the implementation of offense and how it will create more goal scoring opportunities for you. You can improve your game by utilizing your guards’ playmaking abilities and you can do that by pulling the post defenders away from the basket.

    Well, there are overall seven quick hitters for the 4  out ball screen continuity offense which are created to be used along with the 4-out ball screen continuity offense. There are lots of advantages of it like the players will learn how to pick and pop, pick and roll, slip screens, set flare screens and run dribble hand-offs -all actions and all these are very difficult to defend. So, you got to try this.

    Gator Shooting for the 4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense

    You can learn many amazing techniques like the primary shooting and finishing drill which are used by Coach Field. So, what does the coach do exactly? Well, he will incorporate all potential shots that players while taking the ball screen continuity offense. As you know, the drills has multiple players getting shots up, so it will eventually lead to more reps for each player. You will learn some really cool things like how to run the drill on both the sides of the floor with each action so you can make your own strategies and philosophies into the drill.

    Inside+ Quick Hitters

    There are overall seven quick hitters that are being used when practicing the 4-out ball screen continuity offense. Many guards will be able to dominate the ball with the 4 out ball screen offense. The Coach Field has developed a technique to get your best post player get a chance at scoring as well.

    Well, you will face some difficulties like the opponents may try to make adjustments to guard you ball screen continuity offense, but because of the several plays covered there is a plan and counter measure already developed by Coach Field.

    This ball screen continuity offense video is an ideal one for all the coaches out there who want to implement a simple, continuous offense for their team. Field has done an amazing job of demonstrating how the pieces within the offense move together to build continuity. Rent the 4 Out Ball Screen Continuity Offense today.


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