(Rental)-Over 35 Dynamic Defensive

  • (Rental)-Over 35 Dynamic Defensive
  • Over 35 Dynamic Defensive by Winning Hoops Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    35 Dynamic Basketball Defensive Drills

    From the editors of Winning Hoops comes this two-hour content-packed dynamic presentation of some of the best defensive drills being used by some of the best coaches around the country. The drills that make up your practices are what determine what happens on game night. Well-designed defensive drills result in solid all-around defenses that produce wins. Winning Hoops has put together a collection of 35 defensive drills from its two decades’ worth of coaching materials and placed them on one DVD.

    You will see drills for zone defenses like the 7-on-5 drill one whose goal is to make your zone impenetrable. Looking to improve your defense while in transition? There is a full-court recovery drill in this collection designed to do just that. Get your entire team involved in a 5-on-5-to-5 drill, work on close outs in a 3-on-3 drill, or check out the variety of shell drills that will help you with your team defense no matter what style you play.

    Basketball Defensive Drills from Winning Hoops

    This Best-of-the-Best series video is perfectly instructional using the Winning Hoops format. Each drill is presented in a unique format where it is first diagrammed and explained. The teaching progresses to the court where the drill is demonstrated in live-action on the floor with players and coaches. Coaching points are offered so that you can begin to incorporate any of the 35 drills into your practice plans.

    If you are looking to improve as a coach and improve on defense, this 120-minute video brings you the best drills from the best coaches in the business. Learn from the best to become the best. Rent this basketball defensive drills DVD today.

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