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  • basketball ball handling drills for skills
  • 35 Drills For Developing Ball Skills by Dave Thorson Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Ball Handling Drills with Dave Thorson

    Skill development is a vital aspect of every program that can be often over looked. Coach Dave Thorson focus a great deal of time on developing players and the foundation of that development comes with ball handling. In this DVD, Thorson offers simple, effective progressions that you can take your players through to improve their ball handling skills. The progression begins with stationary two-ball dribbling moves, to help players feel the difference in skill with both hands, and then moves to moving two-ball drills to help foster creativity and further ball skills. After warming up with two-ball drills, Thorson teaches four finishing drills, with a focus on explosion, along with a technique for attacking quickly call the catch and sweep. Shooting is another strong focus and he shows a variety of drills that include elbow shooting, ball-fakes, and two man group Euro cutting and finishing.

    Basketball Ball Handling Drills & More

    Other skills that are taught include post-feeds, rip -throughs, and a variety of two-ball chair dribble moves and double moves. He also shows two general drill principles that can be applied to any of your drills. The first is called 5 and 5 drills which include two players where one player must execute the skill perfectly five times in a row before switching with their partner. The second is a passing technique called the punch can be used in any drill that uses passing. Perhaps the best aspect of the drills shown in this DVD is that players do not need a coach present so it is perfect for off-season workouts. Rent this basketball ball handling Drills DVD today.

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