(Rental)-35 Street Moves You Can Use

  • (Rental)-35 Street Moves You Can Use
  • 35 Street Moves You Can Use by Ganon Baker Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Dribble Moves with Ganon Baker

    World famous trainer Ganon Baker delivers a tremendous basketball dribble moves workout that is a shade different from his normal DVDs. Baker will show you some of the most fun, unique, and dazzling dribble moves that can be used anywhere a game is being played. As usual with Baker, he does a world class job of demonstrating the proper technique of the moves along with showing when to use them. Coaches and players can take comfort in the fact that Baker details how these moves can be used in actual competition to bring team success. The DVD begins with a series of “training wheel" drills to build the foundation for your street moves by developing your hand eye coordination and fee with the ball. These drills will give players the skills needed to relieve defensive pressure and break down any defender that tries to guard you. Basketball is a game full of fun, creativity, and personal development. This DVD delivers on all those accounts and will give players the confidence needed to use their skills in competition.

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