(Rental)-33 Perimeter Play Development Drills & Moves

  • Perimeter basketball drills for players
  • 33 Perimeter Play Development Drills & Moves by Jason Shay Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    33 Perimeter Basketball Drills

    Current East Tennessee State University assistant men’s basketball coach Jason Shay has long been known for his work with perimeter players. Shay spent six years as an assistant at Tennessee where the Volunteers made six consecutive trips to the NCAA tournament. Prior to Tennessee, Shay was an assistant at Northwest Florida State College helping the team to a 62-6 record and back-to-back NJCAA national championship games.

    The bottom line is Shay knows how to win and he knows how to develop strong perimeter players. In this 40-minute video, Coach Shay presents 33 perimeter basketball drills designed to help build the proficient perimeter player. It all starts with dribble penetration.

    The Cheat Step is the first skill Shay teaches. Using the Cheat Step properly, players learn to catch the basketball closer to the basket while maintaining their balance and driving to the hoop. What follows is 11 different variations of the Cheat Step drill:

    • Shot
    • Go
    • Fake
    • Counter move
    • Main street
    • Pump fake & power
    • Stride step
    • Baseline sweep
    • Baseline counter
    • Reverse lay-up
    • Power dribble

    Perimeter Basketball Drills Using Cuts & Screens

    Another often overlooked skill that perimeter players should understand is the art of cutting. Coach Shay introduces the Cutting Series, which is beneficial not only for helping players get open and make shots but also for conditioning. Shay demonstrates six different cuts that players should master.

    • Screen/step back
    • Back door cut
    • Down screen
    • Flare screen
    • Pro cut
    • Ball screen

    Shay also teaches players what to do as they come off the ball screen. A variety of perimeter basketball drills include shooting off the ball screen, veer and shoot, shooting behind the screen, and shooting after refusing the screen. Another important skill taught here is the Circle Back. This is when a player must relocate to the perimeter after penetrating the defense.

    Coach Shay leaves nothing to chance and helps players at any level develop strong ball skills. You will find a two-ball series that shows you 10 different ways to increase fingertip control of the basketball, forearm strength, and expert ball handling. This perimeter basketball drills video is packed full of outstanding drills for guards and perimeter players.

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