(Rental)-Coaching Middle School Basketball: 3-2 Match Up Zone

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    3-2 Match Up Zone Defense for Middle School Basketball

    This matchup zone covers all areas of the perimeter and it prevents dribble penetration. You will learn how to teach your players to effectively guard out-of-bounds-under plays. There are five breakdown drills that will teach various actions for different positions in the zone. Your Athletic basketball players will be able to trap and bait opponents into making bad passes that can lead to easy baskets.

    The goal of the defense would be to prevent a situation whereby the opposition scores easy and high percentage baskets. You will discover how you can use the 3-2 match-up zone to cover all the defensive situations that your team might face.

    The 3-2 match-up zone will help your defense to create confusion that will force opponents to take ineffective shots out of the corner of the zone. You will learn how the zone should move along with coverage areas for each player. There are 5 breakdown drills that can help players learn about the different aspects of the zone such as high post flasher and defending screens.

    3-2 Match Up Zone for Aggressive Defense

    Your players will be able to defend against 5 offensive set-ups. Your post players will learn to bait shooters into making bad shots from the corner of the court while your guards buzz around creating illusions of no diving angles on the floor. Your opponents will be forced to make countless shooting errors this way.

    If you want an aggressive defense, you can use the 3-2 match-up zone as a trapping defense that confuses the opponents, creates turnovers, and creates havoc on the defensive end. They will also learn how to use two different alignments, how to shift the zone to defend the baseline out-of-bounds situations, and how to tilt the zone to defend all types of offenses your team might face during a game.

    The 3-2 match-up zone defense system forces opponents to make countless bad shots, thereby increasing your team’s chances of winning matches. Rent this 3-2 Match Up Zone Defense DVD today.

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