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  • Late Game plays basketball full court end of game
  • 25 Full Court Late Clock Situational Plays by Austin McBeth Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    25 Late Game Plays Basketball Video

    During the course of a season, coaches and players are put into numerous late-game situations where they must go the length of the floor and score. In this video, Austin McBeth, lead trainer for Smart Basketball Training and University of Illinois-Springfield assistant, gives you 25 different plays to help teams break pressure, score in late-game situations, and score on full-court inbound plays. Coach McBeth uses computer-generated diagrams for each play and then demonstrates them on the court.

    Plays vs. Full-Court Pressure

    You will see several plays that allow you the chance to break a full-court press and convert on the other end when you are in a must-score situation. Most of the plays presented are run from the same look as a typical full-court press break. From a variety of alignments, you can then disguise your typical press offense alignments with these full-court press break plays. The plays offer the opportunity for a long pass and layup as well as safer passes closer to the inbounder. McBeth also shows you plays when the inbounder has the freedom to run the baseline.

    Late-Game Full-Court Scoring Plays

    There will come a time when you need a full-court play late in a game. In this segment, you will see McBeth demonstrate several plays for this situation. Each play serves two purposes: 1) getting the ball up the floor quickly and 2) setting up your best players for scoring opportunities.

    Whether it’s a quick two-pointer or a long-range 3-point shot, these plays are designed to give you a chance to stay in a game when you are behind and time is an issue. You will also see a play that will advance the ball to half court where you can call a quick time out and then use a sideline inbound play.

    End-of-Game Full-Court Scoring Plays

    Just like Christian Laettner’s famous full-court buzzer-beater against Kentucky in the 1992 NCAA tournament, Coach McBeth presents a number of plays that allow you to break full-court pressure and convert to force overtime or grab a victory. Each play allows you the opportunity to get a basket when your team needs it most.

    Coach McBeth gives you everything you need to be prepared for late-game situations. These end-of-game situations could be the difference between continuing in postseason play or going home early. Rent this late game plays basketball DVD today.

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