(Rental)-25 Continuity Zone Offenses

  • (Rental)-25 Continuity Zone Offenses
  • 25 Continuity Zone Offenses by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Description presents: 25 Continuity Zone Offenses

    The best coaching minds in the country are featured in this presentation on defeating zone defenses. Coach legends like Bob Knight and Mike Krzyzewski are joined by many more and each offers up his favorite and most effective zone offense. Whether it is a traditional passing offense or one that uses dribble penetration, you will find plenty of choices that fit your personnel.

    Don Showalter, Iowa City (IA) HS head coach

    Coach Showalter believes in giving his players freedom against zone defenses. His continuity offense does that and he demonstrates examples of how the offense works. You will see the pick-and-roll with a re-screen, zone shift, lob, and counters.

    Mike Krzyzewski, Duke head coach

    Coach K discusses how to attack a zone defense giving you his five principles first. Two of the ones that stand out are the idea of keeping your bigs behind the defense and using screens against a zone. You will also see how to take advantage of gaps against a 2-1-2 zone.

    Bob Knight, former Indiana and Texas Tech head coach

    Coach Knight is one that prefers to attack zone defenses with the dribble. The result is usually two defenders covering one man. That frees up someone. Knight gives you 3-on-4 and 4-on-4 breakdown drills and shows you how to attack the 3-2 zone.

    Geno Auriemma, Connecticut women’s head coach

    Coach Auriemma shows you how to beat the 2-3 zone with quick passes. He shares some of his best looks versus zones and then offers a virtually unstoppable zone offense that he borrowed from the Russian National team.

    Jim Larranaga, Miami head coach

    In 2006, Larranaga took George Mason to the Final Four using what he calls the “Slice and Dice” offense. He shows it to you in his portion of the video. It’s a unique look against a zone defense and it is what propelled his George Mason team to a deep NCAA tournament run.

    Bill Self, Kansas head coach

    Coach Self shares how his Jayhawks attack both the 2-3 and 3-2 zone defenses. He breaks down the actions Kansas uses.

    Other coaches offer up even more ways to attack zone defenses. Jim Boeheim, Kermit Davis, Brad Brownell, Sean Miller and Jerry Petitgoue all show you something that you can use in your own program. The video is full of some of the best offensive plays against zone defenses from some of the best basketball coaches in the entire world.

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