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    20 Team Basketball Drills to Prepare Your Team for the Season

    Prepare your team for the coming season by practicing the way you will play. It’s a big part of the philosophy of Duquesne head coach Keith Dambrot. The former Akron head coach who was the MAC Coach of the Year in 2016 and ’17, Dambrot presents a number of team basketball drills and ideas you can use to prepare your team for the upcoming season. Using on-court demonstration, Coach Dambrot shares with you defensive fundamental drills, combination drills, offensive drills, and more. Coaches at all levels can use these drills to maintain the momentum of a practice

    Defensive Drills

    Starting from the ground up, Coach Dambrot demonstrates a number of defensive drills that will improve players’ stance and footwork.

    • Closing Out: players work on sprinting to the mid-line
    • Deny the wing: a simple denial drill
    • Help and Recovery: players defend the gap and recover to their man
    • Post defense: full fronting of the defender and recovering on the line and up the line
    • Dig downs: players help the post when the ball is entered
    • Ball Screen defense: players face three different screen situations and defend them

    One of Dambrot’s best drills is 5-on-4 which teaches players to “fix it.” Players must figure out how to defend when in a disadvantage situation. Communication is key in the drill. This drill and the “fix it” mentality are the reasons why Dambrot and Akron was always among the nation’s defensive leaders.

    Defending Screens

    Coach Dambrot presents two drills to learn how to defend every screening action possible. Players learn the phrase “absolute vision on the ball” and learn how to rotation to trap or hedge screens. Players get multiple reps and learn to defend every screening action you can think of – down screens, flare screens, and stagger screens.

    Offensive Drills

    Two of Dambrot’s defensive drills cross over and work the offensive side of the ball as well.

    • Peter’s Drill: an odd-number build up transition drill where players run up and down the floor in an attempt to take advantage of numbers
    • Shaka’s Drill: players learn to pass out of a double team and find open players when dealing with pressure

    Coach Dambrot also shows you the Beilein Drill where players use ball screens in an up-tempo offense. Players sprint up and down the floor executing three types of ball screens. A few twists are added to keep opponents guessing. Dambrot includes shooting drills that can be installed into your practices as well. Rent this team basketball drills DVD today.

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