(Rental)-2 Man & 3 Man Game Offensive Reads & Concepts for Basketball

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  • 2 Man & 3 Man Game Offensive Reads & Concepts for Basketball by Chantal Vallee Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    2 Man Basketball Plays & 3-Man Game: Offensive Reads & Concepts

    Hamilton Honey Badgers head coach and general manager Chantel Vallee was the first female in Canada to become a professional head coach and GM. What separates her from the rest of the pack is an ability to teach the game like no other.

    In this 2 Man Basketball Plays video, Coach Vallee breaks down her dribble handoff action and how it is used to create an explosive, unpredictable, and un-scoutable defense. You will see demonstrations of the offense and how to master the different actions that make up the offense.

    Dribble Handoff Action

    The offense is initiated with a dribble handoff executed high up the floor. This allows for more space. Players learn how to read what defenders give them and what they may do after a handoff is made. This helps players identify easy scoring opportunities and how to make quick decisions.

    Missed Dribble Handoff

    In becoming more familiar with the offense, players must develop their basketball IQ. If players miss a handoff or if they pick up their dribble, they still have options to score. They must know these options – especially cutters – to put pressure on defenses.

    Post Entry

    If you have a strong post player that can score, bringing him/her higher up the floor can create some mismatches. Coach Vallee demonstrates a few options that include the post not putting the ball on the floor and looking to pass to a cutter right away. This creates an opportunity for the cutter and also for the post player rolling to the basket or popping out after the pass.

    Step Up Ball Screen

    Watch as Coach Vallee uses a 2-on-2 drill to break down all the possible options for defending a ball screen. Icing it, going over the top, and going under the screen are covered. Coach Vallee also demonstrates the 2-man game off-ball action as part of her Elbow series. The ball goes to the post in the middle and players create screening action off the ball and learn to read how a defense reacts.

    Multiple Actions

    Players that can master the 2-man game actions are ones that will make your team more versatile. You can use multiple 2-man games to add actions together and make it difficult for defenses to prepare.

    This is an excellent video for teaching players how to read defenses and to build a player’s basketball IQ. It’s a must-have for coaches looking to dominate 2- and 3-man situations. Rent this 2 Man Basketball Plays DVD today.

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