2-3 Zone The Great Equalizer

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Dr. Tony Pappas believes that you can win with less talent by using the games great equalizer - the 2-3 zone defense. He starts this DVD with player positioning and responsibilities and continues by teaching a variety of techniques to shorten the players slides and improve their ability to anticipate the offenses next move. The DVD shows bump downs, bump ups, J-cuts, fronting the post, bumping cutters and more. Pappas uses pressure points to ensure proper ball pressure and discusses the rebounding responsibilities for each player. Defending the three most common inbounds under sets are demonstrated and bonus material for defensive rebounding in free throw situations is added. Pappas is a stickler for details and this excellent DVD provides all the details necessary to run a potent 2-3 zone. Running Time: 82 Minutes. 2008.

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