10 Ways to Improve Your Shooting in Basketball # Part 4

Tip #8: Footwork is very important for a good jump shot. Being able to get in to the shooting motion without swinging twisting turning, and all that in a fatigue is something that pro players are able to do. We already done the back leg lunge, so we will add the Side Step Lung. This drill will imitate those side step jumpers that the players that in games. The key is, as always to get those hips aligned, constant flow, good rhythm, and at the end a good arc.


It is very important that you teach your players to do the drill with both legs, either you do back leg lunge or the side leg lunge.

Tip #9: The next drill that you can use to improve your shot is Imaginary Ball shooting. This drill is very good because it is done without the ball, so the players can concentrate just on a motion, and not on getting the shot go in. From feet, through going down and up, jumping and wiping the wrist, you can go to full detail about the shot motion and making a plan what can be improved.

The next drill is called Verbal Loaded and Go. The players need to get in to the triple threat position and on the Clap they need to shoot the ball. This is the drill that will improve their focus and their reaction time. Also, the accent is on snapping the wrist at the end of the shot so the ball have a lot of rotation.

Tip #10: The first thing that players notice when they start to play Pro basketball is that everything becomes much quicker, and the need for a fast shooting in the biggest difference. To get that quick release we will use the drill that is called Hand tips. The drill will start in a triple threat stance and somebody will pass the ball to a player who is ready to shoot it. In the moment the ball is touching the hands the player needs to make a shot. With this drill we are making our players more ready to take a shot. A lot of players do not move in a stance from witch they can go to the shot right away, instead their knees are straight, hands are on the hips, they are not scanning the court, they are not reading the defense. Those are bad habits that your players does not need.

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Aug 08, 2018 Coach Viktor

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