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Mike Dunlap is renowned in basketball coaching circles for his D2 Championships, his NBA experience and his work in the Big East, Pac 12 and international leagues. We sat down with Coach Dunlap recently and created one of the most important titles in our catalog. Not content to recycle old cliches and the like, Coach Dunlap offers thought-provoking ideas that will pique your curiosity, challenge your conventional thinking, and spark your intellect. Not a lecture, not a clinic, not a conversation, this is a unique resource that draws upon successful sources as varied as John Wooden, Jim Collins, Malcolm Gladwell and dozens of others, to create a 'must have' addition to your book and DVD library. Included are ideas about the best ways to teach, the most effective learning processes for players, practice planning and organization, personal growth and networking... and more. While Coach Dunlap shares not a single X and O, play, scheme, drill or action on this release, the information and ideas presented here will have a tremendous positive impact on your team, your season, and your coaching. 2011. Running Time: 38 Minutes.

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