10 Best Basketball Shooting Games: Unlock Your Inner Shooter!

Are you a basketball coach looking for ways to help your players hone their shooting skills? We have the perfect solution: 10 best basketball shooting games. Whether you're looking for drills that can be done at home or during practice, these exercises are designed to improve accuracy and consistency. From layup drills to free throw drills, spot shooting drills, catch-and-shoot exercises and floater shots – there's something here for everyone. Coaches have an array of possibilities to aid their players in improving their shooting skills with our top ten selection of basketball shooting activities. So get ready – let’s dive into the world of 10 best basketball shooting games.

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Layup Drills

Layup drills are a great way to improve your shooting accuracy. They can be done with just a basketball and a wall, so you don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive gym membership.

The first step is to find the right spot on the wall for your layups. You want it to be at least 8 feet high and 6 feet wide, but it doesn’t have to be exact. Once you've identified the optimal spot, stand a distance of around 10-15 feet away and begin dribbling towards it with one hand while keeping your gaze directed at the designated area on the wall.

Once you reach the wall, take off into a jump shot as if you were going up for a regular layup in game play. Make sure that when you leave your feet that both hands come off of the ball at once; this will help keep control over where your shots go and make them more accurate overall. As soon as both hands come off of the ball, snap them back together quickly in order to catch any rebounds or missed shots that may occur during practice sessions.

Soft touch and power drive techniques are two main approaches to shooting layups against a wall. Soft touch involves lightly tapping each shot off the backboard before releasing it, allowing for greater control over where it goes due to less force behind each release. Power drives require more practice time as they involve full arm extension when leaving one's feet and generate higher degrees of difficulty; however, this technique can be beneficial if mastered correctly since its increased potential range and accuracy capabilities may pay dividends in the long run.

It is important not only practice making shots but also practicing missing them as well; knowing how far short or long they went helps give players an idea of how close they were able their desired target area so they can adjust accordingly next time around . It is also beneficial for coaches who use these drills as teaching tools because they get an idea what areas their players need improvement in based on how many times certain mistakes happen during drill sessions .

Layup drills are essential for developing the proper form and technique to become a successful shooter. With practice, these skills can be honed even further and will be beneficial when it comes time to take your free throws.

Key Takeaway: Layup drills can be done with just a basketball and wall to improve shooting accuracy; soft touch and power drive techniques should be practiced for maximum effectiveness, as well as missing shots to gauge improvement.
Basketball  free throw drills

Free Throw Drills

Throwing from the charity stripe is a significant element of basketball; one that can decide the outcome of any match. It can be the difference between winning and losing a game, so it’s important to practice free throws regularly. Here are some drills you can do at home to help improve your free throw shooting:

1. Stand a few paces away from a wall and repeatedly strike the ball off it, alternating between hands while catching. Start by tapping it lightly, then gradually increase the speed as you get better at this drill. Do this for 10-15 minutes every day to improve your accuracy and consistency when shooting free throws.

2. Bounce Passes:

Have someone stand in front of you about five feet away holding a basketball hoop or net (or just use an imaginary hoop). Then bounce pass them the ball using both hands while aiming for their imaginary hoop or net. This will help develop your passing skills as well as giving you more control over where you want to shoot from on the court during games. Do this for 10-15 minutes each day too.

3. Spot Shooting:

Find three spots around your house that are comfortable distances away from any walls or furniture (for example, 5ft, 7ft, 9ft). Then stand at each spot and shoot 10 shots into an imaginary basket or real basket if available – focusing on form and accuracy rather than power behind each shot . Doing this drill will give you confidence when taking shots during games since you’ll already have practiced those same distances before.

If there is a backboard near where you live, practice making bank shots off of it. This requires great aim, but also helps build muscle memory in terms of how hard to shoot depending on how far away from the rim/backboard. You don't need much space here - just enough room to make sure no one else gets hit by stray balls. Make sure to mix up angles so that all sides of your body become accustomed to taking these types of shots.

By focusing on proper technique and repetition, free throw drills can help players develop the confidence and muscle memory needed to become a consistent shooter. Now let's look at some spot shooting drills that can further hone your player's shooting accuracy.

Key Takeaway: By practicing drills such as wall taps, bounce passes and spot shooting at different distances, you can develop greater accuracy and control when shooting free throws during games.

Spot Shooting Drills

Spot shooting drills are an essential part of any basketball coach’s training regimen. These drills help players become more comfortable with their shots and develop better accuracy from different spots on the court.

One drill that can be done at home is to set up a chair in front of the basket and have the player stand behind it, facing away from the hoop. The player should then take two steps back and shoot over the top of the chair without touching it. This drill helps players practice getting off quick shots while still being able to keep their balance and maintain good form when shooting over an obstacle like a defender or another object on the court.

Another spot shooting drill that can be done at home is setting up cones around the perimeter of your driveway or backyard court, spaced out about 15 feet apart from each other. Have your player start at one cone, dribble towards another cone, stop quickly, plant his/her foot for balance and shoot before moving onto the next cone. This drill will help them work on their agility as well as developing accurate shot selection when coming off screens or making quick decisions in transition offense situations during games.

Finally, you can also use hula hoops to simulate game-like scenarios where defenders might be present near certain spots on the floor during offensive possessions. Place hula hoops around your driveway or backyard court representing areas where defenders would typically guard against shooters such as corners or wings beyond three point range (depending on age group). Then have your players practice taking shots within those areas while simulating how they would need to move if there were actually defenders present trying to contest their shot attempts.

These spot shooting drills are great ways for coaches to improve their team’s overall skill level by helping them develop greater accuracy with various types of shots taken from different locations throughout a basketball game situation; all while having fun doing so.

Drills to refine shooting accuracy and steadiness are beneficial, yet honing reflexes with catch-and-shoot drills is essential for capitalizing on scoring chances.

Key Takeaway: Drills focusing on spot shooting can help hone players' accuracy and agility when aiming from different court positions, thereby honing their decision-making skills in the heat of competition.

Catch and Shoot Drills

Catch and shoot drills are an important part of basketball training. It is a skill that requires quick reactions, accuracy, and consistency. Catching the ball with speed and precision while shooting can give players a competitive advantage over their adversaries. Here are some drills that coaches can use to help improve their players’ catch and shoot skills:

1) The Catch & Shoot Drill:

This drill involves two players standing about 15 feet apart from each other with one player throwing the ball to the other who catches it in mid-air before shooting it immediately. This drill helps develop quick reflexes as well as accuracy when catching and shooting under pressure.

2) The Spot Shooting Drill:

This drill requires two lines of three or four players on either side of the court facing each other at different distances from the basket (e.g., 10ft, 15ft, 20ft). One line passes the ball around while the other line stands ready for a pass before they shoot without dribbling first. This drill helps with developing accuracy when shooting off-the-catch at various distances from the basket.

The Pass & Cut Drill is an excellent way to work on both passing accuracy and shooting off-the-catch quickly. It starts with one player having possession of the ball near half court, while another player cuts towards them looking for a pass. Once they receive it, they take it upcourt for either a layup or jump shot attempt depending on how far away they were when receiving the pass (i.e., if closer than 10 ft then go straight into layup otherwise pull up for jump shot). This drill helps players become more efficient in their offensive movements as well as developing their catch and shoot skills.

The Relay Shooting Drill requires two teams to stand opposite each other in two lines, approximately fifteen feet apart. One team will have possession of all five balls at once which they must pass down their line until the last person takes a shot before passing back down their own line again for the next person to take a turn shooting. This drill helps with developing speed and accuracy when making shots off-the-catch as there is no time between passes to set up one's feet properly like what would typically be done in game situations where more time and space are available.

These drills will help basketball coaches develop their players' catch and shoot skills by improving reaction times, increasing accuracy, and helping them become comfortable taking shots off-the-catch in pressure situations during games.

Catch and shoot drills are a great way to improve your shooting accuracy and develop muscle memory. Now, let's explore off-the-dribble shooting drills to hone your ability to rain threes from downtown.

Key Takeaway: Basketball coaches can use catch and shoot drills to help their players develop quicker reflexes, accuracy, and comfort with shooting off-the-catch in game situations.

Off the Dribble Shooting Drills

Off the dribble shooting drills are an important part of any basketball coach’s training regimen. The ability to shoot off the dribble is a skill that can give players an edge on the court, and it’s something that coaches should emphasize in practice.

One drill for improving off-the-dribble shooting is called “3 Spot Shooting.” This drill involves setting up three spots around the perimeter of the court: one at each corner and one at the top of the key. Players start with a ball at each spot and must make five shots from each spot before moving onto another spot. After they have completed all three spots, they move back two steps further away from each spot and repeat until they reach halfcourt or beyond if desired.

In this drill, players start by lining up facing halfcourt with their feet shoulder width apart and hands raised in preparation to receive a pass from the partner across. On command, both partners will crossover towards opposite directions simultaneously while maintaining eye contact and control over ball handling; after crossing over, they take two hard dribbles either side of halfcourt then pull up for a jump shot using correct form (elbow tucked). Following shooting, both reset back into position before repeating again multiple times throughout practice until everyone has had enough reps or time elapses.

The last recommended drill for improving off-the-dribble shooting is known as the "Sideline Dribbling & Shooting Drill". This exercise requires four lines set up along either sideline starting near midcourt, spaced evenly apart with no more than two people per line. Each player begins by passing to someone else within their same line who then drives down toward the baseline without crossing over into other lanes. Upon reaching a point close to the baseline, they turn into shooters by pulling up for a jump shot using proper form (elbow tucked in) after receiving a return pass from their original passer. Both passers then switch roles before repeating this process several times throughout practice until everyone has had enough reps or time runs out.

Drills designed to hone shooting skills can aid in boosting a team's offensive proficiency during games, by sharpening their capacity for rapid and precise shots off the dribble. Therefore, it is important not to forget about them when designing your next practice plan.

Floater Drills can help elevate your shooting technique and precision to the next level.

Key Takeaway: Shooting off the dribble is an important skill for any basketball player, and drills such as 3 Spot Shooting and Sideline Dribbling & Shooting can help improve this skill.

Floater Drills

Floater drills are an important part of any basketball coach’s training regimen. Floaters, also known as “floating jump shots” or “running jumpers,” are a type of shot that requires the shooter to launch off one foot while in mid-air and use their body momentum to help guide the ball into the basket. This type of shot is especially useful when trying to score against taller defenders who may be blocking your path to the hoop.

When practicing floaters, it is important for coaches and players alike to focus on proper form and technique. The first step is making sure you have good balance before taking off from one foot. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart with your weight evenly distributed between both legs so you can take off quickly without losing control of your body or falling over once airborne.

Once balanced, begin by bringing the ball up towards your chest while keeping it close enough that you can easily see it out of the corner of your eye but far enough away that defenders cannot reach in and steal it from you mid-flight. As soon as you feel ready, push off with one leg while simultaneously pushing forward with both arms extended outward towards the rim (as if doing a pushup). You should keep your eyes focused on where you want to shoot throughout this entire process until after release point when they should shift back down towards court level again for tracking purposes only if necessary.

Key Takeaway: Focus on proper form and technique when practicing floaters to ensure you have good balance before taking off from one foot, while keeping the ball close enough that you can easily see it out of the corner of your eye.


To conclude, the 10 best basketball shooting games can help any player improve their skills and become a better shooter. Regardless of your location, these exercises can assist you in refining your technique and precision. With practice and dedication, anyone can become an elite shooter with these drills. Get cracking and start honing your skills now!

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