(Rental)-1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense

  • (Rental)-1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense
  • 1-3-1 Ultimate Morphing Zone Defense by Kermit Davis Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Kermit Davis is the all-time winning-est coach in the history of Middle Tennessee St. and he owes much of that success to his coaching on the defensive side of the ball. He has taken the basic 1-3-1 zone to another level by allowing players to morph the defense into different alignments and rotations.

    Coach Davis presents the DVD in a live practice setting with a young team of his own as he begins to implement his defense. This defense will cause more deflections and put your offense into more positive situations while also frustrating your opponents offense. This DVD will teach the basics of the zone along with some useful adjustments.

    1-3-1 Defense

    Coach Davis shows the basics of the zone on a whiteboard by detailing each players position and role inside each position. The main theme of each players role is to disrupt passing lanes and shut down dribble penetration into the paint.

    Coach Davis shows where to place your most athletic players and how they can be used to create deflections and traps. Using traps and deflections early in a possession leads to many easy baskets for your team and causes the offense to be more hesitant. With a more patients or talented team, coach Davis shows how your more athletic players can force long lob passes into the corners instead of allowing inside looks.

    Switching from 1-3-1 to a 2-3 Zone

    One of the biggest teaching points of this DVD is how to morph the zone based on where the ball goes. Coach Davis shows how his team changes from a 1-3-1 to an aggressive 2-3 when the ball moves to the baseline. This change causes extreme confusion for the offense as the change is so seamless that the offense has little time to adjust. The most athletic players are again the most important part of this section are they are used to put pressure on the wings and disguise the vision of the ball handlers.

    1-3-1 Zone vs Special Situations

    Coach Davis shows how the 1-3-1 can be used to take advantage of clutch end of game situations. He shows how his teams take advantage of sideline in bounds situations by denying passes and disrupting the passing lanes. He also shows a trapping adjustment that can be used when the offense is trying to take the last shot.

    Learn an intimidating and versitile defense from an incredibly successful college coach by renting this DVD today.

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